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safe1949511 artist:nukilik79 spike86572 twilight sparkle330383 dragon70651 pony1299705 unicorn435762 animated111923 annoyed6282 baby12582 baby dragon2092 baby spike725 behaving like a cat2609 book38858 bookshelf4681 curled up362 cute232553 cutie mark52158 daaaaaaaaaaaw5695 debate in the comments261 definition of insanity2 diabetes677 eyeroll658 eyes closed118341 featured image1049 female1582580 filly83186 filly twilight sparkle3069 floppy ears63617 frame by frame4465 frown28090 glowing11550 glowing horn24827 grumpy2947 hnnng2604 horn113132 ladder918 levitation14100 library3679 lidded eyes38246 looking up20293 loop6362 magic85329 male451761 mama twilight1127 nukilik is trying to murder us7 nuzzling4532 photoshop3907 ponyloaf607 prone30460 reading7207 sitting77270 sleeping26409 smiling324525 snuggling6949 spikabetes2401 spikelove1231 telekinesis33584 that pony sure does love books1266 twiabetes13683 unamused20219 unicorn twilight25333 weapons-grade cute4243 wide eyes18687 yawn1589 younger20026


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Of a certain baby dragon who acts like many felines who think attention is more important than what their owners are doing when spike thinks a nap right on twilight’s book is to be more important.
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@Cirrus Light  
I always thought that was because they’re drawn to anything with their owner’s smell on it, and/or body warmth. Or just warmth. Like how cats will hop into a basket of fresh from the dryer laundry and take a nap.