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safe1552213 artist:ponyecho224 rainbow dash216904 human139525 pony824334 bed35435 bedroom eyes50308 blushing172131 brush1641 cute173118 dashabetes7738 embarrassed9860 feather5074 floppy ears45787 hair over one eye7984 hand7629 human on pony action9729 human on pony petting97 interspecies20379 night22144 pillow14988 ponyecho is trying to murder us21 preening605 prone22831 room859 show accurate10017 shy3413 smiling209099 spread wings46633 wing massage14


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Background Pony #8FEF
TIL that, not only is there a 'hair over one eye' tag, it's been used 416 times.

>looks for 'hair over both eyes', and 'hair over no eyes'

No instances of either. That's not fair.