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On a soft clouds, after practice and play, drooling on her idol, I do not think she likes when she wakes up… Pikachu-lol  
Is the last of three works of a mini collection called “Cutie mark sisters”.  
One Two
safe1917133 artist:halem199160 rainbow dash254761 scootaloo54581 pegasus381846 pony1264845 backwards cutie mark4071 blushing230724 cloud36306 cloudy6352 cuddling9409 cute228107 cutealoo3334 dashabetes10671 drool29029 eyes closed115002 eyestrain warning506 featured image1025 female1552766 filly80822 full moon4050 halem1991 is trying to murder us17 mare587129 moon26940 scootalove1775 sleeping26015


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@Carter Resado  
When I copied the description from DA over, I tried to make the laughing Pikachu image linked properly, but something must’ve changed in DA, the old simple link no longer works, and the image address on the linked page is crazy and includes a token that likely will expire over time if it even works for Derpi to begin with.
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@Carter Resado  
Ah, I see now. Some DeviantArt users put small images in their description (many of which are avatars that more or less function like emoticons/emojis) so the artist probably just used a picture of a laughing Pikachu in their description.