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19 comments posted
Background Pony #3618
S: Sorry, my mom always said "Never Marry Crazy"

L: I don't want to get married, I just want to rut, no strings attached.

S: …Then let's hurry and get to the library, we only have until Twilight gets back the day after tomorrow
Background Pony #918A
Spike: wait! you're a girl right?
Lyra: of course I'm a girl, you idiot! what the heck made you think I was boy?!
Spike: nothing! I swear! I just wanted to be sure I still like girls is all!
Background Pony #136A
Spike's mouth.
He's already holding his hands out, and his face is the body part he's most actively distancing from Lyra's.
Background Pony #918A
I thought of that too, but if you look closely at her other hoof, it looks like she's forcing him to kiss her XD
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honestly, this looks like a "claws off, pal!" kind of expression

as for the second thing spike has claws, not hands.

what I really want to know is why there's no lyra x Iron will shipping
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Trying to work out what Lyra's saying here. I think she's tellnig Spike to put his hands in her mouth, which he is sensibly worried to do.

Hard to tell if she is pointing to her face, hooves are so unclear. Also how is this ship not more popular? Lyra+hands is huge, spike has hands, and there's only 6 images shipping them?!