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Uploaded by Background Pony #C66C
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Connected artwork with:  
>>72755 Now kiss by ~pokehidden  
>>48891 (merged) Nightmare Moon & >>53772 (merged) Queen Chrysalis surprise face by ~ultimateultimate  
>>61044 Trollface Discord by ~julianwilbury
Inspired by ~
NSFW >>88409
safe1949444 artist:julianwilbury26 artist:pokehidden904 artist:zantyarz330 edit154950 discord34528 nightmare moon18767 queen chrysalis38748 changeling57688 changeling queen20828 blushing235336 chrysmoon294 discord the shipper28 female1582538 forced lesbian13 kissing28442 lesbian107742 lesbian in front of boys403 now kiss414 reaction image10012 shipper on deck1529 shipping227492 surprise face51 trollcord32 trollface488 yuri fanboy23


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Background Pony #DEC8
XD Seems even Discord is a shipper. Only difference is he can make his actually happen.