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Oberpanzerschtze party Favour. DA won't allow me to use the proper "" in the title so I'll just write it here "cuz I can"

Sometimes it's good to do something you don't normally do just to remind you why you don't do it. And that's the story behind my attempt at the true-to-show style.

Still think there's something weird with the background Bocage colour… not sure what to do about it.


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Background Pony #0692
Artist: in my opinion the background trees look weird because they're too bright in color and too uniform. They look flat and cartoony—and really need to be in shades of green that are both darker and less saturated, so to speak—duller, darker, a bit more greyish, so to speak. Olive drab, Feldgrau, and "Foliage Green" were not just chosen at random for camouflage—they are colors widely found in vegetation, especially in temperate areas. Also, for camouflage, the human brain seems to interpret areas of duller, darker colors as shadows, causing the "software" to skip over those areas in favor of looking in the more brightly lit areas where it "thinks" it will more easily be able to see. In my opinion the background looks weird because the dominant shade of green is too saturated, too light in shade, and too purely green. It is the green of well-fertilized, immaculately cared-for golf course grass, of expensively maintained lawns.

The color you are using looks close to #20c020, if you're using hexadecimal color codes. #669900 and #646c48 would look more natural and more appropriate.

Also, from a color-theory and composition perspective, bright colors draw the eye and make the brain say "this is the center of attention, this is what the picture is about." Dim the bocage, dull it, darken it, fade it out. The mare and the tank turret hatch are the subject. Bring the eye to them, make them the focus.

Secondarily, and this begins to get into areas of how complex you want to make the background, trees and brush aren't a flat two-dimensional green wall. They're three-dimensional objects with highlights, shading, and shadow, even when they're so far into the distance that you only perceive them as a green sphere or cone on a dark stick coming out of the ground.

Disclaimer: this advice is worth what you paid for it.