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A little late Im afraid, but some friends never would have forgiven me if I had let this day go by without marking the occasion.
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The differences in their blasters suits the personality and physicality of the ponies wielding them.  
A sporting blaster,the kind Rarity is using, will only kill with a head shot or a shot to the chest, as it is fairly weak, but very precise , as it was intended for hunting small game.  
The DL-44, which is what AJ is using, is the exact opposite. It is what is known as a heavy blaster. These blasters are often illegal due to how powerful they are. Put in perspective, most blaster RIFLES are weaker. However, heavy blasters are notorious for using a large amount of energy from their power packs, and require replacement after only 50 shots, as opposed to the normal 100-200 for regular blasters. They are also inaccurate at distances longer than 50 meters, as opposed to regular blasters, which can reliably hit at ranges of around 100 meters.  
Sorry, had to nerd out there.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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what just happened?
All I did was make a joke about the gun.
I guess comment chains have a bit of a “hair trigger”.