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"But I'm not here to…"
"Your highness, I just wish to…"
"I promise, I won't hurt…"
safe1676214 artist:dm291661 princess cadance32259 princess celestia93795 shining armor22830 alicorn218649 duck pony396 pony938876 unicorn311030 auntlestia24 behaving like a bird613 dialogue63843 eye contact6411 female1336136 frown22452 glare8192 gooselestia10 hiding1409 honk121 looking at each other19365 male362675 mare466258 momlestia982 open mouth140092 overprotective158 simple background383571 spread wings52995 stallion104823 swanlestia137 swimming1925 teen princess cadance885 transparent background198082 trio8754 trollestia781 water12746 wavy mouth3551 wide eyes16814 wings100994


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Thread Starter - MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread
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Abandoned By Hope
@Agent Tasmania
Yeah, but she can still fly, I'd imagine she'd weigh a bit less than that.

And if you counter that with magic, I'd also have to point she wouldn't need tissue density for earth ponyness in that case.
Agent Tasmania

1) a 14 hand pony can easily be that in real life.
2) Alicorns have the strength and sturdiness of Earth ponies, which says tissue density to me.
3) Best estimates at pony sizes put Celestia as a bit over 6" to the crown or about 14 hands to the withers.

Maybe a bit generous, but I don't think she'd be particularly light. Could get down to heavy human weights.
Background Pony #F387
I can't tell if cadence is sad because either she's scared of shining or because her auntie is keeping him away…

I have seen few things in this world more needlessly aggressive than a swan. They are like tumblr posters, they just come out of no where and go for blood before you even know what happened.

Background Pony #357A
Shining: Well, in a few years time, I will marry her and, by then, YOU WON'T STOP ME!