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source needed14174 safe1655245 artist:tomatocoup331 nightmare moon16549 princess luna97195 alicorn214571 pony919723 corrupted2644 cute192037 eerie53 female1318717 grin36174 looking up15614 lunabetes3426 mare456842 miasma71 nightmare luna365 s1 luna7151 simple background376392 slit eyes4348 smiling234251 solo1031074 spread wings51798 squee1951 text55893 transformation10249 transparent background194812 wings96598


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Artist -

Normally, I don't like it when the characters' smiles get made that big, but I'll make an exception here, because it works for intentional creepiness.
Background Pony #51B7
To quote another anon:

Celestia: Oh, and who is this friend?

Luna: A rainbow, dear sister! But not just any rainbow… it had all the colors of the night sky, and it spoke to me!

Celestia: …Luna! What's wrong with your eyes? They're..

Luna: The rainbow told me I don't have to be afraid anymore. Afraid of not living up to my duty. Afraid of ponies not loving me or my hard work. Afraid of you.

Celestia: What are you talking about, everypony loves you, as do- Your cutie mark!

Luna: Are you afraid, sister? Don't worry, the rainbow told me everything will be perfect from now on.

Celestia: What is this rainbow? What did it do to you?!

Luna: It taught me everything I need to know. Now everypony shall embrace the night, for the night…shall last….FOREVER!

Celestia: No…no, Luna, no…