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Just as Regal at the Gala
“I’m sure I’m not the first to redraw this, but here you go anyways!”
Alternate link to ref. image: >>897183
suggestive173258 artist:fearingfun1433 rarity203361 unicorn447694 anthro316414 unguligrade anthro58505 make new friends but keep discord2176 assisted exposure1988 belly button95947 blushing239109 breasts344064 clothing theft363 complete nudity6188 covering4621 covering crotch524 embarrassed13632 embarrassed nude exposure2594 exhibitionism11329 exposed609 female1605901 full body6365 humiliation2503 naked rarity226 nudity453212 public humiliation596 public nudity3976 reasonably sized breasts2773 scene interpretation9934 solo1270460 solo female207916 that was fast1426 we don't normally wear clothes1013


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I actually agree with you. I never liked fan service because it removes creativity. My favorite porn is creative and unexpected. This was just something I didn’t look forward to because it was handed to us on a silver platter

@Background Pony #6937
Honestly though, this whole gag is really bizarre to me because I’m so used to this fandom grasping at straws and sexualizing every little thing that happens in the show (which I mean, is something pretty much all fandoms do, but whatever). And it’s not like I’m complaining, I mean that stuff like this >>434594 is hot and I’ll fap to it, but at the same time it always seemed pretty clear to me that they just meant it as a cute gag and a bunch of horny internet fans ran with it.
But this is like…it seems a lot more…overt? It’s just strange to me. I mean you’ve got the original “we don’t normally wear clothes” line, which was clearly a pretty innocent joke, and then the slightly more risque fluttershy sleeping naked gag, but even then it was a really brief gag and just kind of alludes to the general idea of nudity.
This gag, though, for one thing it’s longer and more involved from an animation standpoint, secondly it takes place in public, and most importantly she’s very specifically covering up where the genitals on a human woman would be, which admittedly has been used as a gag pose in comedy for a really long time, but almost always in sort of a titillating or sexy way.
I mean I’m obviously not saying that the show is ruined or anything, but it just strikes me that anyone on the show involved in creating this sequence would have to be really, REALLY oblivious for it not to at least occur to them at some point “huh, we are like…pretty explicitly drawing this cartoon horse in a sexualized way.” Which is like…not something I ever really expected to see in this show.
I dunno, maybe I’ve just become to perverted to understand how normal people think anymore.
Background Pony #DB06
That hand almost looks like she’s masturbating.
“Oh! All of my clothes have been suddenly ripped off… in front of everyone… and they’re all watching meeeee…”