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Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta

It used to be developed, until the 1930's. then the country descended into political instability and economical crisis, and never fully recovered.
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Who's the cocoa & pink unicorn filly in the middle? Is this the first we've seen of her? And who's the cut off one on the far left?
Keshin Momoiro

Makes me remember that the eternal Pelé x Maradona discussion exists.

@atalarikt What the… Argentina is far from being developed, unfortunately. Most South American countries suffer with high taxes, violence and corruption. I can say this for sure because I´m Brazilian and it would be nice if soccer REALLY helped us.
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EqG fan + Love Liver
Argentina is such a hipster country. Being the only developed country in Latin America, while the other countries are developing countries.
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Como argentino, no sé si interpretar esta imagen como que el bicho se aisló por su cuenta o si los otros "países" lo dejaron solo con su ego futbolero.