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B-but plone feels extremely embarrassed when things like that happen.
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Background Pony #8AD2

>"ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS?! THAT’S the reason you did a precautionary landing?!?!"

Microbursts are downright dangerous, you could have been really hurt, sweetie! Besides, ground control said to….

>"You made me fuel jettison in front of the ENTIRE AIRBASE! I had JP-8 leaking down my legs in front of the whole squadron when I taxied into the hangar!"

But there was no other way to get your landing weight back down! Besides, do you want to burst into flame if we were forced to do a crash landing?


Blitz, c’mon. Emergency landings happen. A few days from now everyone’s going to forget the whole thing.

>"The next time we fly I swear I’m going to G-LOC your rookie ass….."
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Should have been an SR 71. Because they have to account for the expansion of metals during flight, it was built with loose seals on the ground. The Blackbird leaks constantly on the ground. Once it gets to speed the metal expands and seals it up nicely. This is why it launches on low fuel and then has to meet a mid air tanker 7 minutes later. It was born this way.