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Ironically, even if we ignore all the horrible damage it would cause, the Terrasque would be a worse pet because when it goes to sleep, it does so for centuries rather than just through the winter.
Background Pony #7329
i quote spoony:

"They should not win, if they win YOU are DM-ing it wrong!" "They could have just called it "Game over", the Tarrasque is "you lose"!"
Background Pony #9293
Nothing tells the players "I hate you" like putting a Tarrasque in your campaign.
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@Background Pony #F367
Back in the days of 3.5 a wish spell woul have kept it dead if you brought it down to negative hp, but these days, no. Also I do believe it is immune to polymorph.
Background Pony #10F5
Oh by Tartarus Fluttershy, The Tarrasque will eat everything if it isn't banished off to another dimension! The bloody thing has Spell resistance 32 and reflects said spells back at the caster!