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Rarity is having a minor crisis after some pony said to her that she can't be a fashion icon now that she's married and has a kid. She's like, too old.

Lavender wants to know why mommy gets to hog all the ice cream.

Incidentally, this was my reaction upon finding out we're getting a hiatus just before the first Rarity episode of the season.
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Lavender: "Dad! Mom just ate four buckets of ice cream! And she promised to make us sundaes, too!"

Spike: "Um, well, um… Tell you what. We'll go down to the ice cream parlor and I'll explain."

(FYI: The fashion industry does, in fact, have older and/or married individuals working in it, so Rarity should be OK. I'm sure she'll find other reasons for future ice cream binges, though…)
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One of those moments were its tough being physically and mentally an adolescent for a race of immortal creatures and marrying a shorter lived mortal who's in her late thirties.
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Especially since it was originally a short film made by someone else, who probably got no credit whatsoever in the Sandler version.
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She's crying because she thinks PIXELS destroyed video games forever.

I don't know if it really DID destroy games, but from what I hear, it WAS a pretty bad flick. ;)

S: "Lavander, sweetie, why dont you go play in your room. I need to talk to mommy."
L: "But I want some ice cream too~"
S: "El, room."
L: "humph"

S: "Rare, I told you before no matter how big the headstart, I will always beat you in an 'Ice cream eating contest'"
R: "Spike, dont make me laugh, I just want to wallow."
S: "I'm all for stopping these silly diets but, two, three, fo- six tubs is pushing it, even for me."
R: "What do you know…"
S: "Only what you let me know. So why dont we start there…"

Let's just hope Spike remembers not to bring "lodgic" into the situation.

"Sweetie even if those things were true eating excessive amounts of fattening foods is not going to help"