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1. when loading the gif — even on Chrome.
2. when the gif is loaded — even on IE.

But anyway … Microsoft has dropped IE and building Edge right now.
Background Pony #1C04
Hay guys! Did you know that Opera is the winner of the world best web browser awards?
Background Pony #B9EF
you should add edga (the new win 10 browser) with paintings on it (you can draw on every website with it…) and firefox not responding as usual
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@Background Pony #FC5E
It is impossible, I'm afraid, Chrome and his clones already filled it to the brim. Firefox may be buggy at times, but alternatives just much, much worse! Well, except Links. Links is perfect! Just kinda hard to use…
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☀Welcome Princess Celest
As a tab monster my experience is the other way around.

I use chrome as my main browser though and firefox secondary.
Background Pony #8D9F
While this is true to a degree, at least with Internet Explorer, I can see what the hell is going on…