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[dancing bird noises]
This sketch was drawn by the wonderful Perrydotto at GalaCon 2015. Go follow her, she's awesome!

I noticed there are almost no pictures of these two love birds together. (Actually, >>498287 by Harwick is the only one I can find right now. Blame him for me shipping them.) That's why I commissioned Owlowiscious and Philomena dancing a fiery tango! ("Fiery", get it? Because she's a phoenix.)

This doesn't look like a tango, you say? Well, I guess a proper tango is pretty hard when you're a bird… But they're doing their best!
Pencil on paper
~A4 format
safe1577765 artist:perrydotto68 owlowiscious1913 philomena1025 2015596 absurd resolution63986 commission52255 dancing7614 duo49516 female901152 fire10078 galacon 201514 interspecies20698 male306198 monochrome148018 pets119 philowiscious3 rose3487 shipping184258 signature18945 simple background346337 sketch58958 straight121877 tango72 traditional art109434 white background87341


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