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a panorama of the changeling scene in Slice of Life…

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18 comments posted

I still think it's comical, adorable, and a little sad how Kevin was treated by the frightened foals.

I wonder what happened to him since Thorax took the swarm over?

I'm actually felling sad for this guy. It seems he abandoned his tribe to live better life in ponyville under disguise. I wonder what the backstory is though.
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I figured maybe he was the on that was caught up reading the Daring Do books and didn't notice what was going on…
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Soooooo, at the end either he turned to be some kind of a vanguard soldier of a changeling army (deleted ending) or a friend of Matilda's, both versions according to M.A. Larson, am I right?
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Me: I wouldn't be to concerned about him. He's just one of those Changelings who doesn't want to wreck a wedding party.

Princess Cadance: Really? How'd you know that?

me: Easy; I read the script—I mean, uh… (in cryptic voice) I have a sacred vision!

Draak: Uh, dude? That was my line.