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safe1751173 artist:omegaozone192 apple bloom50996 applejack173320 fluttershy217296 pinkie pie220269 princess cadance33160 rainbow dash238631 rarity185636 scootaloo51924 shining armor23647 sweetie belle49741 twilight sparkle306237 alicorn232977 pony1011198 accordion305 animated100852 cute205771 cutie mark crusaders19329 drums1090 female1402454 flute206 guitar5146 mane six32574 marching band24 mare502471 mitchirineko march25 musical instrument11811 parade145 ponies the anthology v64 recorder25 simple background409364 tambourine497 triangle242 tuba181 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126216 xylophone25


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Background Pony #94A5
@Background Pony #0F21
You can just check the description for the full pony version of it. Wait a minute, it's a timestamped version of Anthology, lemme just edit that real quick to the standalone Youtube link.
Background Pony #3D66
I wonder why Shining's on the tuba? I almost expect Chrysalis to peek out of it.