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"The things I do in the name of friendship…"
safe1616117 artist:dtkraus450 color edit7308 trixie64027 twilight sparkle288364 alicorn206171 pony883949 derpibooru6920 alternate color palette414 alternate hair color272 beret1809 bodypaint723 eyes closed84121 female1286489 grin34640 mare439647 meta16227 official spoiler image134 paint1807 paint on feathers40 paint on fur409 paintbrush1525 painting characters40 recolor4070 spoilered image joke646 twilight is not amused1315 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 unamused14634


not provided yet


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The Fluffiest
Now do one for "Youtube Caption" with Steven Magnet.

Its too bad almost all of the stuff I spoiler that I see is complex filters, which always display celestia even if one of the Boolean components has its own image.