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By request, the non spoiler image for all your non spoilering needs :D
source needed (11326)safe (1444358)artist:dtkraus (445)bon bon (14784)lyra heartstrings (26329)sweetie drops (14773)earth pony (153552)pony (712260)unicorn (209935)bedroom eyes (45031)couple (3940)cuddling (7089)cute (151339)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2629)female (774027)hug (22888)lesbian (83150)looking at each other (12929)love (3827)lyrabon (2847)mare (343977)nuzzling (3368)one eye closed (20822)shipping (166602)simple background (294938)smiling (186100)snuggling (6150)squishy cheeks (1811)transparent background (153750)wink (18929)

not provided yet


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