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By request, the non spoiler image for all your non spoilering needs :D
safe1616744 artist:dtkraus450 derpibooru exclusive25799 bon bon15680 lyra heartstrings28430 sweetie drops15681 earth pony216369 pony884551 unicorn285688 adorabon616 bedroom eyes54867 couple4845 cuddling7905 cute186433 daaaaaaaaaaaw3330 female1286968 hug26214 lesbian91917 looking at each other17780 love4593 lyrabetes1258 lyrabon3161 mare439867 nuzzling3747 one eye closed27131 shipping188489 simple background361636 smiling224741 snuggling6345 squishy cheeks2182 transparent background187351 wink22700


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I really like how they are pressing themselves at each other in this hug.
really conceives the gestalt of a squishy hug