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Diaper and more intense versions linked here

Vectorized version of image provided in source URL, with Twi replacing Rainbow.

Commissioner requested sources be redacted; request granted.
suggestive129665 artist:atrolux71 artist:twilights-secret30 edit119585 twilight sparkle283796 blushing177830 bondage30717 bound wings3217 chest fluff32990 embarrassed10293 embarrassed underwear exposure780 female1200014 frilly underwear4120 panties46302 pink underwear3762 ribbon6480 rope10377 shackles1611 smiling218174 solo982428 solo female168970 suspended2600 tied up5133 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116212 underwear55694 wall698


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Background Pony #BD06
Hey bud, I'm the one that commissioned the original Dash pic >>352871 from Atrolux/CD way back when, I'll air this out since I got a notification here from your comment :)

IIRC the description on this post had my username as the commissioner at first, I was like "uh, no I asked for the original art, not these edits" over PM, and you corrected it.
Atrolux didn't seem too thrilled that their work had been vectored and edited, and I was a little steamed too back then, but this is the internet after all, and the ancient internet at that. Really all there was to it lol, no bad blood here. They've set their Inkbunny copy of the pic to hidden, but the source is here on Derpi at least.

I guess the word is ya might should ask artists if they're cool with edits before spending time practicing on their art and posting it public. Some are super cool with it and might even offer advice or technique, just gotta ask first :D
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Apologies, this was so long ago I don't remember much about it, but I'm sure it wasn't commissioned, so I have no idea why that tag is there, I'll remove it. Maybe I left it in because the original was commissioned?

Also, in description I mentioned a link to the original in source, but it seems all of that was redacted for some reason. The only reason I can imagine I would've redacted it is if you asked me to, but given you linked it in the description, I don't think you did.

Very odd. Apologies. At the very least you deserve credit for the original, even if this is vectorized so technically its own piece, you certainly deserve credit and a link for the original this is based off of.

Edit: OH, I think the one who commissioned you to make it requested the source be redacted. Okay, it all makes sense now. Oh boy. Looks like you two have something I'm getting in the middle of…