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Commissioner's description:
Golden Words' day job is her writing, and she spends many hours behind the typewriter typing up her latest story. She gets very focused on her work though, so it was easy for her herd-mate, Moonlit Haze, to sneak up on her and give her an unexpected kiss. The kiss from Hazy might be a surprise, but it's a pleasant one, judging by the wingboner.

Moonlit Haze and Golden Words have a earth pony stallion mate named Fire Mane. Firey and Moonlit run a home renovation business, and her cutie mark is a tape measure. They supported Golden Words until her career took off, but now she more than makes up for it with the success of her books. She never forgets the important part of their relationship though.

This is a belated birthday present to myself, and I hope to have another picture done featuring Firey to complete the herd.
safe1728176 artist:foxenawolf434 oc698446 oc only456448 oc:golden words5 oc:moonlit haze1 pegasus300451 pony988383 unicorn332839 fanfic:change of life21 cutie mark48504 eyes closed95686 fanfic art14638 female1382431 horn70955 inside362 lesbian98149 mare491580 oc x oc15885 pegasus oc12065 shipping203010 smiling254551 spread wings55789 surprise kiss800 unicorn oc10054 wings111585


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