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safe1946279 artist:ushiro no kukan323 bon bon17744 lyra heartstrings31949 sweetie drops17744 earth pony350713 pony1295941 unicorn433937 adorabon805 best friends756 cute232071 dock60685 female1579533 lesbian107614 looking at each other26916 lyrabetes1595 lyrabon3703 mare604028 shipping227231 smiling323582 underhoof60907 ushiro is trying to murder us19


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he ate Good Eric
“Watcha thinkin’ about, Bonnie?”  
“Oh, you know. Just this one time I was sent to infiltrate a black market cider operation run by illegal griffon immigrants operating out of the basement of a pizza joint in Manehattan.”  
“I mean, uh…the way your horn parts your bangs is so cute, Lyra!”

There’s sex… and then there’s lying in your lover’s lap as they affectionately run their fingers through your hair and gaze lovingly into your eyes. It’s a wonderful thing that I have been lucky enough to experience in my lifetime and this image captures that bliss perfectly.