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suggestive185482 artist:weasselk356 babs seed6301 anthro346138 g41930931 bedroom eyes79224 belly button105639 big breasts120045 breasts376304 busty babs seed587 chubby16618 cleavage44889 curvy9255 female1740337 looking at you246443 mirror7159 older37791 plump8463 scissors1381 seat343 solo1382380 solo female225378 wide hips28384


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Background Pony #93A6
@Background Pony #E3DF  
“How about a nice close shave? Teach your whiskers to behave. Lots of lather. Lots of soap. Please sit still. Don’t be a dope. Now we’re ready for the scraping. It’s no use to try escaping. Yell and scream and rant and rave. It’s no use, you need a SHAAAAAVE!
There, you’re nice and clean. Although your face looks like it may have gone through a machine.”
Background Pony #C490
“Hey you! Don’t look so perplexed. Why must you be vexed? Can you see you’re next? Yes, you’re next. You’re so next.”