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“Darling…” Rarity said through a strained voice, wriggling the neck of the thick rubber suit up her neck was a struggle, but it finally went and the latex flapped around her head. “Who do you think made that suit for Twilight?”
The tabs were passed through the openings they were made for, the hood was wrapped around her face up to her muzzle.  
“Now, I have a rather… odd masquearde to attend.”  
Rarity pushed her nose into the muzzle cup and threaded the tabs through their designated areas. Her muzzle was clamped shut, unable to say anything. Slow quivering breathes passed through her nose.
And with that, Rarity was into the night, bound for a clandestine and questionable event. Considering her apparel, it was going to be one of those nights that would take a few days to recover.
Inspired by:  
suggestive167728 artist:dombrus212 rarity199400 bondage39526 bondage mask144 catsuit1631 female1556306 gag16999 gimp suit340 high heels13917 high res81159 hood1641 latex14930 latex suit4877 muzzle gag1120 raised hoof57403 rubber2247 simple background481264 solo1227004 story included10871 tribute196


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Monde de merde
It’s probably not the case but the snippet you posted in the description looks like the end of a longer story describing in great detail Rarity putting on the suit. Dammit, and now I wish I could read that.