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Young Leosword
@Background Pony #8270
Chinaman isn't a word either according to Webster. (I'm kidding. I never looked it up on Webster before posting this comment. X3 )

Not explaining the joke will come back to annoy me: vavacung is Thai. Numerous ignorant whities believe all Asians look Chinese. This also applies to Asian languages both written and spoken both on- and offline. Any Engrish can potentially be blamed on the Chinese, if not any other person of East Asian descent.

Additionally, two parents/guardians of mine are Chinese and Korean, and I'm a Japanophile, so, I'm confident I have moderate experience with cultures from Asia. <w<
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A Jagged Metal Enchilada
A changeling that I will remind you was completely mindless due to malnutrition whom you have magically brainwashed with your own desires.

SO yeah, it's wrong on a variety of levels.
Background Pony #7249
So what's the over/under in how long this lover lasts before it to has to die/perish? It's basically the recurring theme of this story anyway. I wonder how many reincarnations of Liberty Wing/Paper Mache/whoever will keep reappearing to Celestia over time.