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safe1922415 artist:sundown1576 applejack184901 oc811447 oc:anon12790 earth pony339807 human189569 pony1269807 ahoge219 applebucking thighs2301 applebutt5385 cute228842 dock59593 duo101087 eyes closed115434 fat25272 female1557248 jackabetes6964 large butt23781 male442789 mare589691 sleeping26077 thunder thighs11524 wide hips23044


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Since when is your couch a car’s rear seating area?
… No really, what couch just… falls off the sides, without armrests? She seems more like she just climbed into the back of car with someone in the middle seat, then collapsed in exhaustion.

There’s nothing left to do but accept your fate. Enjoy the warmth and the soft rhythmic breathing buddy, you’re not getting up any time soon.