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safe1552059 artist:anima-dos126 artist:duo cartoonist68 artist:lionheartcartoon104 nightmare moon15834 alicorn190335 bat pony42234 bat pony alicorn1439 pony824181 the moon rises44 animated90862 bat wings5058 bedroom eyes50299 castle1616 crown13417 cute173101 ethereal mane6165 evil laugh374 eyeshadow12607 fangs21476 female875232 flapping673 gif27362 grin32097 laughing6940 looking at you140040 makeup17069 mare402945 moonabetes272 moonbat22 open mouth119970 raised eyebrow6087 raised hoof37776 redesign1624 slit eyes3944 smiling209058 smirk10614 smooth as butter36 solo957625 spread wings46628 unshorn fetlocks21591


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Pomegranates :P
Funny how a lot of fans were expecting the villain for the MLP movie to be like this before we were subjected to movie spoilers.