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The Method Mares (mares?) make their entrance.
safe (1502324) screencap (186952) late show (15) on stage (33) raspberry beret (75) stardom (16) earth pony (172742) pony (779420) made in manehattan (606) beret (1565) clothes (382096) discovery family logo (11311) female (826518) hat (70694) male (282087) mare (375234) method mares (25) shirt (18895) stallion (82769) sunglasses (12162) sweater (12392) trenchcoat (510) turtleneck (1244)


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6 comments posted
Trötter Dämmerung

Not sure about the stallion but I'd say Black Oxford, Rising Star, and Ticket Master (actually, I'd prefer Hinny Oakley for the last, but I'm not sure if enough people know that Annie Oakley is slang for a free ticket).

I'm glad they're using typical pony-designs, but are giving the ponies much more variety with their personalities. It's a small touch, but definitely one I appreciate.