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safe (1504845) artist:radiantrealm (296) lemon zest (2924) equestria girls (170375) friendship games (11709) bowtie (7887) clothes (383129) crystal prep academy (908) crystal prep academy uniform (2988) crystal prep shadowbolts (1252) cute (163590) dancing (7221) disco ball (195) eyes closed (73935) fist (423) headphones (6306) plaid skirt (466) pleated skirt (3690) rave (564) school uniform (6302) skirt (33628) solo (926996)


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31 comments posted
Background Pony #FBFD
I think I know what song she's listening to.
"Come Go With Me" by Expose.
Background Pony #3E84

Not being a snarky bitch helps.

Tired Old High School Clichés: Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, and Sunny Flare
Are Actually Pretty Cool Gals: Lemon Zest and Indigo Zap

I'm actually surprised too. Pleasantly so, but still very surprised. I would think Sour Sweet would get more fanart since she's one of the leading Shadowbolts, gets more screentime, and her happy/angry thing could lead to a lot of comedic potential.

Lemon Zest is fun too.

Huh, im surprised Lemon is getting the most art so far it seems. Would of thought it'd be Sour Sweet or Sugarcoat, But I suppose being a head banging party girl wins you lots of waifu points.