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“That was a VERY long picture Initially it was an Art-Battle cover and I even have published an earlier version, but then I decided to make it more detailed, fix some mistakes etc.”

safe2115624 artist:cannibalus118 princess celestia110325 princess luna114655 alicorn302250 pony1476333 tabun art-battle188 g41589910 :t4371 artception9 best sisters50 cake12429 cakelestia1308 caricature82 chubbylestia1139 close enough71 cute256718 cutelestia4198 draw me like one of your french girls1592 drawing5464 duo155862 duo female27480 eating12900 ethereal mane12689 ethereal tail1797 fat28206 featured image1166 female1737315 food97060 funny5265 funny as hell615 goblet144 ice cream6347 levitation15707 lidded eyes45045 lunabetes4269 magic93639 nailed it89 obese14989 open mouth224729 painting4599 prank1696 prone33654 recursion436 royal sisters6383 sibling rivalry209 smiling375927 smirk17486 sweet dreams fuel2001 tabun art-battle cover50 tea3629 teacup3886 teapot1433 technically advanced127 telekinesis37768 this will end in pain2567 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon293 this will not end well2379 tongue out141274 trolluna179 wallpaper20600


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