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Hey there!

Support this game till the campaign ends, so you can make this game happen, and get some rewards as well! Click on >>> THIS LINK <<< to support the project! It's not mine but I think it's promising! If you're familiar with the Fighting is Magic and the story behind it you know well what it is, a little shout out doesn't hurt Especially after LAUREN FAUST made the designs!

So yea. Support them, make this happen!


This is a commission for , a few years ago he won an commission auction, and somehow both of us forgot about the thing, we picked up the thing and rolled with this one! He asked me if I could do something like this for promoting the project a little bit, and I couldn't think of a better way to do it, so thanks for letting me participate!


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safe1749846 artist:atryl2018 applejack173230 arizona (tfh)1198 oleander (tfh)1204 paprika (tfh)981 pinkie pie220116 pom (tfh)719 rarity185539 tianhuo (tfh)641 velvet (tfh)1399 alpaca1040 classical unicorn4225 cow3449 deer6059 lamb535 longma652 reindeer2074 sheep1596 anthro269428 them's fightin' herds4782 bandana5509 clothes475734 cloven hooves10598 community related4374 controller2397 costume28547 crossover63778 dialogue67937 female1401310 fightin' six151 leonine tail9194 onomatopoeia4572 sound effects2255 sweat27618 video game5015


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Background Pony #71FD
@Background Pony #0EEC
>that dress rarity is wearing

Agreed; With that figure and outfit, I'm really liking Rarity's design.

Also, I feel kinda silly for taking so long to notice that Pinkie switched places with one of the of the game characters.
Background Pony #27F7
The anthro and non-anthro crossover in the same picture is REALLY confusing.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Awesome done. Once I get paid, I'm going to send $40 for the music pack. I don't have enough on my budget for anything more.