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Started by Dust Rock
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Dust Rock
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My question is short and simple; has anyone ever came across an image and seen it auto faved? Like you click on it and realize the image is fairly new and you know for a fact you have never faved it?

This has happened to me more than once, it'll be an image just a few hours old and somehow I faved it? Most would say "well you probably just don't remember" yeah so I wouldn't remember something from a few hours ago? "Maybe you accidentally clicked on it" I literally just opened up derpibooru so no.

This can't just be me, because sometimes it'll be images I have no real reason to fave like sometimes it'll be a picture of Garble for example. Like Garble is cool, but I wouldn't fave a picture of the guy, he's not even in my realm of interest.

So this doesn't make sense to me. Anyone else had a similar experience?
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I sent you a more detailed PM that I can't repeat here because privacy reasons, but basically the image you "auto faved" was in your watched images, so you probably just clicked the button on accident while browsing the homepage.
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