How to exclude tag from hidden filters?

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You'll need to edit your filter to move the hidden tag from the main list to the complex hide filter box, then, on the same line, put ,-artist:whoever.

So, for example if you were hiding [text only], but wanted to see posts by [artist:abc123example], you'd go to the Filters page in the topbar, click to Edit the filter you're currently using, find [text only] in the list of hidden tags, click the X to take it out, then type text only,-artist:abc123example in the Complex Hide Filter box and save the filter.

Each line is applied as though it were part of a search, but rather than searching for images matching the expression, it instead hides anything that matches, while continuing to show anything not matched by it.
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Hi PrinceMars,

Derpibooru has a feature just for this type of thing: complex filters. To set up a complex filter edit your current filter, search the page for the "Complex Hide Filter" section, and add the correct syntax.

In your case the syntax would be:

@tag_you_want_to_hide, — artist_tag_you_want_to_see

Add this into the complex hide filter section, and you'll hide every image with the tag minus ones that have the artist tag.
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