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Wherein I list the things that we already have a plan to do, and those things that have been suggested but are very much likely not going to happen. Discussing new things we should want to do is done over here.

Plan on doing:
→ Fix that one bug
→ Complex filters/watchlist (using Search syntax)
→ Improve main board comment section (avatars, >>#t syntax, etc)
→ Forum search
→ Forum post list by user
→ New (optional) homepage
→ General stream improvements
→ Pools
→ Redo upload workflow (dupe check before tagging)
→ Fix the DA grabber (aka work around DA's ineptitude)
→ Mobile site
→ Add more things to this list

→ Populate the tag dictionary
→ Continue tag aliasing work
→ Continue tag implication work
→ Better tag visibility by type
→ Bug fixing
→ Notification system update (more events, better visibility)
→ General UI tweaks

Not doing:
→ Per-image hiding
→ Per-user comment hiding
→ Private faves
→ Account deletion — wiping
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