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Season 9 Discussion Thread [NO SPOILERS, DF airings only]

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Resident Spin Fetishist
So did the early airings happen, then? It wasn't, by any chance, just a mistake? (There have been false alarms like that before)
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Resident Spin Fetishist
Also, this thread needs its title updated to add "DF airings only". Don't want to risk someone mistaking the two threads.
Miss Shy
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You're going to love me.
So was there anything else that was being talked about before the episode airing?

All I remember is the "Applejack's parents could still be alive because they didn't outright state it" argument and just gave up.

@Miss Shy
Probably they either died of any disease or they died of natural causes. I actually started to think about that theory a while ago, without any signal of them I think they are definitely dead.
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