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Season 9 Discussion Thread [NO SPOILERS, DF airings only]

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A Trivial Pursuit’s "Twilighting" seems to have been deliberately done to contrast her future behavior. She might get nervous down the line, but nothing like there, especially considering it’s an outright plot point that they went "yeah, she’s getting out of this happening with her. "
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Hands-down the funniest thing Tirek has ever done. Who said he couldn’t be Laughably Evil?
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It’s times like this that remind me how I have a desire to see Chrysalis’ ego crushed into dust.
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Let it not be missed that the literal moral of the episode is to always listen to AJ.

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As much as I’d like to for Trivial Pursuit to not have happened, it is weird that Twilight just goes from going batshit insane over trivia to nothing phases her even though it rightfully should. They acknowledge it, too, which is like, it’s not really "character growth" when you smack her with the idiot ball like that.

But at least we get some more progress on the villains. And it’s still up in the air what the final battle will be. Will it be a simultaneous 3 way fight for power, will Grogar come out victorious only for the backstabbing to happen, will Grogar and the other villains destroy each other while the problem for the Mane 6 is something mundane?

It was a solid episode, nothing majorly great about it, but given the last two episodes, that’s more than fine by me.

1. Between Dark and Dawn
2. The Last Laugh
3. Sparkle’s Seven
4. Student Counsel
5. The Beginning of the End
6. Frenemies
7. Sweet and Smoky
8. The Last Crusade
9. The Summer Sun Setback
10. Common Ground
11. She’s All Yak
12. Going to Seed
13. Uprooted
14. A Trivial Pursuit
15. The Point of No Return
16. 2, 4, 6, Greaaat

Given how little we have left, I’m gonna assume this will be the last Fluttershy-centric episode.

And given what we saw with the previous episodes, I half-expect it to be about Fluttershy facing another fear of hers.
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Cozy Glow: Well, I don’t like that we worked so hard to destroy their party and they still pulled it off. But you don’t see me complaining!

I think that counts as hypocrisy, no?
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I just realized that this episode was a combination of Sparkle’s Seven and Frenemies, two episodes from the same season.
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(Said trailer is a DF one; I bolded it to emphasize what it is)

Going off the 2nd S9 trailer, and this episode, I think that Chrysalis quite possibly has a chance of crossing the moral event horizon, by trying something that’s going low.
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