Season 9 Discussion Thread [NO SPOILERS, DF airings only]

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A few hours late, but what the heck?

1) What it lacks in risk-taking it makes up for in structure. The most holistic and well-crafted season; greater than the sum of its parts.
2) What it lacks in structure it makes up for in risk-taking. Less than the sum of its parts.
3) At least tried to continue plotlines from S1, but the season made it clear that the original magic of the show was gone.
4) Start of the renaissance. An all-around solid season.
5) Pure catharsis.The first half is arguably the best stretch of episodes in the entire show.
6) Fine but unremarkable.
7) Like 6, but better overall. 6 and 7 sort of blur together in my memory.
8) My personal favourite season. It took advantage of everything it had at its disposal, and also captured the spirit of season 1.
9) A formality. I'm genuinely curious as to what kind of closure people expected two seasons after the logical conclusions of its main characters.
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So far, my favorite part is when the entire fandom decided not to do a Fame and Misfortune.

The fandom actually does a Fame and Misfortune, causing Jim Miller and a majority of the staff to lock their Twitters

….You know what? Screw everything.

… did anyone else lock their Twitters because some assholes gave them shit?
Some people just suck.

I am more than ever happy that I don't really use Twitter
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This isn't good. Even though they are covered by a spoiler thumbnail, the screencaps from the future episodes have been uploaded onto Know Your Meme.
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For real?
I want to read that Know Your Meme entry when I saw all episodes, but how will I remember in like 2 months? :D

(Please don't post a link here if the link title itself is spoilery)
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Well, another week closer to the end. Time to move this back to the first page.

I hope you've all been fairing well with the spoilers and whatnot.
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Gotta say, I really like how they are writting Fluttershy in this season. Especially here, her "new" personality shines.
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