Season 9 Discussion Thread [Warning: SPOILERS!!!!!]


I kinda wish they didn't do a time skip leave it to the fans on how things turned out. Most of the episode was a flash back anyway.
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Peace to all
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I understand the pain. Though I am someone whose been more of a recluse in this fandom I still feel a since of community here. As for seeing the Mane6 and the fate of this fandom, I am neither an optimist or a pessimist. The only advice I can give is not to simply give up, as cliché as that sounds. For you never know what is around the corner.
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I need a personal title.
just wish to go back in time to watch season 1 again like in 2010 or 2011 because FIM came like in 2011 here in switzerland
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People who give every episode a 10/10 are just as bad as people who say every episode is the worst thing ever.
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similar to how Adventure Time set up Shermy and Beth as backdoor pilot for sequel series the MLP FIM final episode sets up Boruto type sequel series with how things look in future
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I doubt it. Their external appearance, maybe, but they never did anything marketable with the changedlings, while they still used the old ones in toys. But their redemption in itself, probably not — that was pretty much the only way they could go if they touched them again. Like Discord and Starlight, they were too powerful to stay alive and evil at the same time.
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