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Season 9 Discussion Thread [Warning: SPOILERS!!!!!]

Started by UserAccount
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And then she’s pass it on to her student and so on or however they want to now set up the next ruler. Heck could institute a parliament system for all she wanted
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And their all old Rarity has gray in her mane it’s sucks so much that Twilight will have to go on for thousands of years without them. That’s not how I wanted it to end.
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Yeaaaah, that doesn’t exactly work when you’ve got a system based on one or two individuals being given immortality and unquestionable leadership. Extreme monarchy is how things have always been there.
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>Starlight gets to show off S6-S7 style
>No multi-villain redemption bullshit

Both sides of that shitstorm in the making have been pleased. That’s one win I’ll definitely take.
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But we can deduce from earlier episodes that Discord:
1. Impersonated Groagar.
2. Resurrected Sombra, and abducted Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, and Tirek with the intention on sending them to cause mischief.
3. When Sombra was killed again, he heavily indicated that if the other three didn’t stay with him that they would face a similar or worse fate.
4. All actions that the three take thereafter could therefore be argued to have been conducted under duress and fear for their safety, and moreover.
5. None would have formed their alliance and used the bewitching bell if they had not been abducted by Discord and sent to retrieve the bell in the first place.

Not necessarily trying to white knight the trio here – rather, just play devil’s advocate. But all the above does sound pretty close to entrapment in my opinion.
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Well yeah, he didn’t even try to give them a chance at redemption even though Two of them did have a softer side and the other was just a kid

Not to mention that when he was evil he was far worse than all three of them, making him look like a hypocrite if he thinks they are beyond redemption
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Solely by those actions, possibly. But we don’t know what was his motivation to do that and what exactly was he trying to accomplish by what he was doing, and those are particularly important for what we’re dealing with. This we won’t know for a while. And i doubt that they will leave that completely unexplained.
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To what? Democracy with power being handed off to whoever gets elected while hoping that they don’t go crazy? Or go back to the days of unicorns having to permanently deplete their magic to raise the sun and moon?

Turns out monarchy can work if you do some heavy vetting of the candidate.
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