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Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

Tarquian girl: The studios are really far, we should find a transport to go around the crashed enemy vessel that is on the way.
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Put that TP down! Now!
“I'm NOT the kind of person who believes that every human death is a tragedy. It's not. I'm more of a big picture kind of guy.”

You'll have to tell that to the people who are losing their loved ones and or their own health due to this virus. Including now a few people on this site.


Selma:"We know a thing or two bout fighting these things…"

Ash tips the talon from the panel tossing it into the air before activating his kinesis as blue electricity-like tendrils form from his hand around the spike propelling towards the 2nd corpses chest impaling it into a wall

Saria:"He'll be fine… which way do we need to go?"
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Why contain it?
1918 Spanish Flu pandemic: 50 million (est.) dead worldwide
Bubonic plague in the 1400s: 25 million (est.) dead, about 1/3 of Europe's population
Normandy invasion of WWII: 425,000 Allied troops KIA in a few days
Heart disease in the US: 647,000 people dead per year
Covid 19: 33,926 dead worldwide as of last count (March 29)

I hope everyone — but probably not — sees how MINOR of a "pandemic" this is. In the big picture, there are more than SEVEN BILLION people on the Earth. Today numbers were released that maybe 200,000 people worldwide would die from Covid 19. Big. Deal. Now, you have to understand, I'm NOT the kind of person who believes that every human death is a tragedy. It's not. I'm more of a big picture kind of guy, and I'm seeing the population line graph made in 2100 of the last 100 years of human population growth have just the tiniest dip in it because of this BIG BAD PANDEMIC that everyone is convinced is the end of the world. It's not. It's barely a scratch on the surface of mankind.

I don't know if we in the 21st century have just become more, how should I say, un-used to death than our ancestors were a hundred or even 50 years ago, but news flash: DEATH HAPPENS. It's a part of human existence, and the fact is there are simply too many of us on this planet for this pathetic little virus to stop us. People in the 21st century have become such pussies with regards to death that a few dozen deaths from a tornado or flood or quake makes news. Our ancestors would laugh at us for taking these totals so seriously.

Actually, here's an experiment for everyone to try at home, since we're all at home now anyway: If people dying from Covid 19 really bothers you that much, try to keep track of every person in your country who dies of cancer, heart disease, in car accidents, or war, and mourn them accordingly. If it's such a tragedy, then all deaths should be mourned equally.

Thank you, and good night.

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[screams in German]
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Popular vote has its own problems. I mean, everyone bashes on Trump because he lost the popular vote but you know who else lost that just recently? Bernie Sanders lost against Joe Biden.

2016 was an example where popular vote was beaten. 2020 is an example where popular vote results were shit.
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Ahh, no lo cachaba por su sigla.

Nuestros héroes de la infancia advirtiendo sobre esta epidemia mundial, y Freezer tiene todo claro en que no son vacaciones y deben quedarse en casa.
Vaya, en el margen de 7 días cuando el video fue estrenado, se aprecia que se fue a la chucha el número de muertos en Italia, de 4.000 a 10.000 muertes hasta la fecha…

Stop me if you've heard this one: A kid has to hunt for monsters, catch them, and keep them confined in a small space.
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