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Is this a jab at a certain artist’s style or something, like that guy who drew the ridiculously-muscled Captain America on that one comic book cover?
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There’s always going to be a problem with "fixing the show": Hasbro.

The series is meant to be pleasant entertainment that will entice little kids to ask their parents to buy them toys. As such, Hasbro has an incentive to keep things pretty much at the status quo. Honestly, the show has taken the Mane 6 about as far as it dares in terms of character development. Anything more will require either real changes for them to face or else just reboot and have a new cast.

Think about poor Twilight after her ascension. She moped around for an entire series being Princess of Golden Oaks Library until they literally blew up the status quo and gave her the Castle Playset to live in, along with a magical table to replace Princess Celestia’s orders to her. Then she moped around the playset for a season in between meeting Starlight and facing her in her revenge plot. There was barely anything for her to do while the staff focused on episodes with more unusual pairings.

And then Starlight was promoted to main character, and suddenly Twilight had a whole new job and purpose. She becomes teacher/friend/big sister/foster mom to a really troubled and neurotic unicorn, and the status quo was once again broken. They needed Starlight to be as powerful as she is because they wanted a finale which would require Twilight to do something more than just hit her with the rainbow laser of friendship. Rather than think up some way to nerf her powers for the episode, they just presented her with someone who was essentially a funhouse mirror version of herself. Someone who felt totally justified in promoting their own version of harmony, and who had to be stopped with reason and compassion.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her addition to the cast, and never understood why so many fans feel a need to demand that she face some sort of terrible punishment. She’s somehow managed to be a charismatic and fun character on her own while making Twilight interesting again. I think most of the best episodes of the last couple of seasons have focused on new characters who aren’t the Same Old 6.

I am kind of surprised that we’re even getting a season 8, since I was sure that Hasbro would use the movie as an opportunity to close the book on Gen 4 and start work on a new series with new characters. Still, I look forward to where the staff take the show now. The world of FiM and its cast are now so much larger, and there’s tons of material yet to be explored.
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The problem lies with the fact that it’s a slice of life with little continuity with nods, than the series premieres and finales. It’s an interesting format but I hope the show evolves beyond it. It tried to already in season 4, then diminished in season 5, and was mostly gone by season 6. Now they brought it back again with season 7.
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I am starting to get annoyed with my lecturer’s impatience. Like, he gets mad at us for not doing optional work. What part of "optional" does he not understand?!
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First, in regards to the post you made while I was typing my other one up, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’ve seen similar things said about my fetish. It became a lot easier to ignore them for me when I realized most of the people who posted that kind of stuff were guys. As a straight guy, I don’t exactly care too much about what other guys think of my fetish, to be honest. I dunno, I always thought the diaper fetish got a lot of unjustified hate. Like, seriously, people, it’s just a diaper. Calm down. There’s fetish art I’ve stumbled across that I found way more alarming.

And, yeah, I’m not sure what I’d say about whether or not I could give you too much advice about what you should do about your art without being a hypocrite. I’ve closed accounts only to reopen them or make new ones to post stories. It’s definitely something I still kinda struggle with, just not quite as much as I used to. But if you want to continue this discussion in PMs, I’d be open to that, not that I’m sure I’ve got much else to say on the subject. I just know religion has a tendency to derail threads.

Anyway, onto the question I was going to ask: do you folks tend to prefer wearing diapers, yourselves, or seeing other people wear them? Like, how does diaper art or other depictions of people in diapers compare to you being the one wearing them? I mainly ask because I know you’ve mentioned worrying about how a future love interest would take it and I think whether you want her to wear diapers or just be around you while you’re in them would probably have a big impact on whether she’d be willing to give it a try or not.
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What you get with comments is just a gut reaction. I’m sure with enough time and understanding your partner will be ok with it. When people first see the diaper fetish I can understand why they’d group it with all the others. To them it’s all weird so, they group it all together.
Plus, lots of people here have already made great points about it not being as strange as it sounds. If you tell your partner some of those it’ll help her to understand.
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she returned to deal a blow to its cabin, busting the glass onto the pilot, this was followed by her tail grasping it and yanking it backwards

meanwhile sada was talking to miranda

I sent in a request to be reinstated as a spartan, rank of captain. I hope it goes through.
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Yknow, I can get behind that. Kinda like how new characters in universes like DBZ and Naruto are almost always inherently matching the heroes in power and skill no matter how far they’ve trained, with those introduced without the means to catch up being left in the dust. The mane 6 being constantly stuck in the sidelines is merely a side effect of the short-term focus the series had during most of it’s run, with the next season being confirmed way into production.

See, the hope here is that now that we’re seeing more long-term stuff such as the Pillars being introduced for the next season, the staff will be able to understand that there’s a problem to fix, and will damn FIX IT. The S8 animatic does give off the impression that they aren’t, though.
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If anything it’s the low res that hurts

Seriously… I’d much rather have a high res high quality jpeged image than a low res PNG for the same file size

I personally like 99 quality jpegs… I think they give a good compromise… Yes, standard jpegs give a shitty quality/size ratio… But until they use more efficient things like h.265 still image compression that can get almost double the quality for the same file size… I guess we are stuck with shitty jpegs
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