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Are you seriously taking one guy arguing for an ethnostate and then conflating that with everyone else regarding the censorship concerns?
How is that remotely fair?
newspapers and other media sites have been advertising all over the planet that this is a 'safe haven' for nazis and racists for two months.

Which ones?

/mlpol/ exists because people from /mlp/ wanted to shitpost with porn and /pol/ got a "man behind the curtain" moment when a majority of their regular shitposters and spambots suddenly vanished for a day or two.
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U mad?
Well yesterday the parts for my 2 airsoft rifles arrived along with one battery pack and BB's. I let the pack charge overnight and tried them out this morning. Both work nicely, though you have to press on the magazines a bit to get them to feed into the gun. The BB's I got won't fit in the pistol though and I still need to figure out how to charge it with CO2. I just ordered another battery back so both have one, so altogether I got maybe $600 worth of airsoft guns for $150 (I made a post about this on my Facebook, and their shit system blocked my post saying it violated policy. Guess it thought I was trying to sell them or something. I appealed it and it was restored).
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