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Goku Black
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I’m selling one of my computers via Fakebook Marketplace, and I already have a guy claiming to want to buy it. He offered me Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, etc. to pay for it; but I told him that I’m accepting cash only. He then said “ur papa.”
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Background Pony #F818
In the future all hope is lost, the mane six are defeated, even the princesses but a hero still stands. His hame? Spike.
“We can’t defeat him! It’s over!”
Spike looks at Twilight and says
“No, Twilight. There is still a way”.
Spike opens a portal out of thin air with his own hands
“What are you doing?”
“What needs to be done. Goodbye, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, and, of course, Rarity. I’ll miss you all so much.”
Spike while grabbing the villain, throws himself at the portal
Rarity sees the inevitable and screams
“Spike, don’t go! Let me lick your feet first!”
But it was too late. The portal closed itself in seconds. Spike was a hero. He was a chad.
“And that is what my father told me, Discord.”
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Background Pony #E2A5
Complicated magic is reserved for greater elaboration of a plot where the viewer will have more time and more focus, and will not be worth much work in future G5 episodes. Instead, an overview and generalization of magic will be important, when this is put into a simple system for school children aged 6-11, so they can understand and process what is shown on the screens.
From G4 it’s easy; the unicorns as scholars dealt with telekinesis, material manipulation and external magic spells - the pegasi can make things weightless or make them float in the air, fly, manipulate the weather - and the earth ponies are super strong, skilled plant growers, sensitive to the elements in the soil - and this is symbolized by their habitats in S1-S3, the unicorns in the mountains, the pegasi in the air and the earth ponies on the ground.
In G5, the ponies need to learn again, as the magic has returned, and it does not have to be complicated. They have so far only discovered a very small part of what their ancestors had, we still do not see weather manipulation in the pegasi or material manipulation of the unicorns. The pegasi manipulate air / atmosphere, the unicorns manipulate material, and the earth ponies manipulate the earth, from sand to mountains.
That the earth ponies are much stronger than the unicorns, was of course in G4. Although Tempest Shadow has shown that this is not race-determined, as her magical potential is so strongly hampered by a lack of control, that her magic is not only channeled through the horn. And Raindow Dash was so strong that she could rival Applejack because she had trained and sharpened her magic to unprecedented heights. This shows that the ponies are unique from pony to pony, even though they are divided into three “groups” according to magical capacity.
Air, mountains, soil. The pegasi, the unicorns and the earth ponies.
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The Hell?
[makes ramen the put raw egg and cooked bacon in it the add crush pepper] enjoy [puts it on table]

Because she had to live off of whatever she could find in the wild, Newt has developed a cast iron stomach. She wouldn’t care about a little raw egg lol. She’ll take whatever her brother doesn’t want XD It’s better than the food she probably had to settle for.
how would your Mewtwo and Newtwo react to the ramen bowl ask?
basically the same XD

you know scarfy probably won’t eat it

If the soup is steaming, how does the egg stay raw?
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extra fun at parties
In WEB 3.0 Metaverse, refridgerator runs YOU!
I will refrain from speculations about the expected fuck capacity of a woodfuck until it has been established that a woodfuck does, indeed, fuck.
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Blossom: “He was with us when we were doing a coordinated challenge”
Utonium: “And did you succeed, Blossom?”
Blossom: “Of course. We even learned a bit about each other”
Buttercup: “Yeah, that Scoots here thinks a rainbow pony is faster than me”
Matias: I facehoofÅh bror…
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Enough of humanity
I loved Sonic 2, the first movie for me that make a good adaptation from a video game AND a good sequel, yeah I add Blaze, I had place so ;w;
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Background Pony #881C
AEW Rampage was Good overall this week!
House of Black vs Fuego Del Sol, Evil Uno & 10 was a Enjoyable Six Man Tag Match, the Backstage Segment with Gunn Club & Max Caster was Fine, Shawn Spears vs Big Damo was a Okay Squash, the Backstage Interview by Tony Schiavone with FTR was Good, the Backstage Promo by Undisputed Elite was pretty Fine(Kyle’s Facial Expressions just Awesome XD), Kris Statlander vs Red Velvet was pretty Decent, the Hype Training Package for Hook-hausen vs Tony Nese & Mark Sterling was very Good, the Segment with Men of the Year(w/Dan Lambert), Frankie Kazarian & Sammy/Tay was Eh & the Tag Team Match with Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley vs Dante Martin & Matt Sydal was absolutely Good plus the Post-Match Brawl Angle including Blackpool Combat Club, Eddie/Santana/Ortiz & Jericho Appreciation Society was really Fine! :D
#AEWRampage #AEWonTNT #AllEliteWrestling #ImWithAEW
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