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Monsterboi Enthusiast
Might as well real-talk here and put my two cents in; there NEEDS to be more kink-based work of the male MLP villains. Like, in general. Discord gets a lot of kink art and so does Sombra from time to time, but the others need love too. XP
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Awesome dude
Full panoramic edited shots of the background characters during the final verse of The Magic of Friendship Grows. With no white screen or Princess Twilight in the way of the last shot.
Background Pony #E73F (grimdark)

After seeing this, I really want to see an insane Smolder wearing a frilly dress while covered in her victim's blood.
Mega PoNEO
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@O. Hancock
Both regular spheres and ones that have iconic features of the characters (such as the tails sticking out, wings spread, magic auras wrapped around the ball form, and in the case of dragons, scales sticking up on the ball form).

Re-posting from three months ago where it got buried at the bottom of a page…

Pictures of ponies, humans and other creatures in chains, for various reasons, including being arrested, on trial, in prison, thrown in a dungeon, enslaved…

Also other punishments, like the stocks, pillory, whipping post, gallows, guillotine, and other kinds of public punishment.
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Artist -

Monsterboi Enthusiast
Apologies for intrusion but god I love this thread

Also whomever suggested the Ahuizotl dakimakura…that NEEDS to happen :P
Background Pony #5C53
A unicorn stallion oc with light red fur, a brown mane, a brown tail and a cutie mark of a white star with the capital letter A in it.

His name is Alpha Star.
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