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CNN has their current predictions about how the Senate race will go in November. They predict 10 seats will flip, with only 2 being Democratic. This does not bode well for Republicans who need lose only 4 seats to lose control over the Senate.

Every since Biden had a fairly good showing in his townhall a few weeks better Trump has been flipping out, accusing Biden of being on performance enhancing drugs. So much so that he's demanding that Biden take a drug test before tomorrow's debate.

Biden's campaign manager proves once again that everything about the Biden campaign except Biden himself are a homerun with this scathing retort: "Vice President Biden intends to deliver his debate answers in words. If the president thinks his best case is made in urine he can have at it,” said Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager. “We’d expect nothing less from Donald Trump, who pissed away the chance to protect the lives of 200K Americans when he didn't make a plan to stop COVID-19.”

This also leads into a point I've been considering for a while; Trump, and by extension his legion of right wing media yesmen, has set the bar so low for Biden that it might backfire tomorrow. Much like how Trump experienced a boost in polling due to exceeding low expectations for his debates 4 years ago, all Biden has to do is go 2 hours without drooling over himself and the headlines will read "Biden exceeds expectations in stunning debate performance".
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helped my mom make/test a bunch of appetizer/snack stuff for a 'Girls Night'

3 out 5 successes.
(one burnt into inedible, one that was disappointingly bland)

two were stuffed crescent rolls, one with roast beef, the other pepperoni.

the BIG hit though was the twice baked potato 'bites'
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A few random pieces of news.

Former congressman Ron Paul and the Governor of Virginia have tested positive for Covid. Paul has been noted to recovering finely so far though.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy was ordered to restore mail sorting machines after he removed them in another effort to slow down ballot counting. He says he is unable to comply with that request because those machines were already destroyed.

9 military ballots for Trump in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania were found to be thrown out on a technicality the other day. An investigation into the matter revealed they were thrown out because they didn't comply with a new stricter mail-in ballot requirements implemented by the Trump administration.

Nostalgia Purist

The night at the annual Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville had arrived. It was back at the end of May. A crowd of ponies had went to Twilight’s new house that was a library. Twilight and Spike had moved from Canterlot where she had been born and raised, as she and Spike moved to their new library in Ponyville that day.

"Hey, I’m Spike and I been raised in Canterlot with Twilight." Spike told Applejack and smiled.

"Howdy, and I am Applejack from the Sweet Apple Acres farm outside Ponyville." Applejack told the baby dragon and gave a smile.

There was a surprise party at midnight under the moon in the crowded house. The library had been decorated with big colourful balloons, confetti and streamers. For over 500 years ago in the 1480s Starswirl the Bearded had been told to live there according to the books in that library. Starswirl failed the tests that Princess Celestia gave him, so he moved out of Ponyville. Twilight went to bed under the party in the night, but the party was still going on. There was games, stories and cakes. Spike had been reading stories about the history of Ponyville, as Applejack read a book about Sweet Apple Acre’s over 100 year of history.

"For decades the gathering of the Apple family at every Summer Sun Celebration had been a tradition, as they gathered in the orchard by Sweet Apple Acres." Applejack read.

Drinks from Manehattan got served, and there was also strong drinks from Saddle Arabia too. Many of the guests that came to the party in the library was Derpy. Pinkie Pie had taken a bunch of records with her she played, and the crowd of ponies they was dancing along to the latest hit music from the Ponyville musicians. Later on had Applejack, Rarity and Spike been grabbing a large clear pink horseshoe balloon. The ponies and the baby dragon pushed to the horseshoe balloon in long time with their snouts and heads. Spike and the ponies felt both very scared and aroused by feeling how the rubber plaything bounced against their snouts. Rarity felt her hot horn throb by feeling how Spike kept on brushing the loudly squeaking balloon against her horn for a while. The unicorn pony loved to feel how the baby dragon was petting her horn with the balloon. Over an hour later had the horny farmerpony been sucking Rarity’s hardened horn in long time. The baby dragon with soft spikes masturbated for over five hours by seeing the earth pony giving the unicorn that long horn sucking. As Applejack kept on giving the unicorn pony a hornjob were Spike petting the bloated rubber horseshoe. The aroused baby dragon also kissed and hugged the shiny balloon too as he rubbed himself under the legs. At last had the gasping pony reached her third climax after having the baby dragon rub the static balloon body against her hair for over five hours. The party in Twilight’s library ended later that night, as the ponies and Spike they went to the annual Summer Sun Celebration in the decorated towns hall.
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What about it in particular do you want to know?

What you're probably referring to is "Young Earth Creationism", which not only claims God created the Earth and universe in six days, but He did it only around 6,000 years ago.

Even among Christians, they're a bit of a fringe group, since they have wacky conspiracy theories like "dinosaur bones were buried deep underground and made to look very old to test our faith in God". Which honestly sounds more like a paranoid and abusive girlfriend than a benevolent deity.
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AEW Dynamite was a Good Show overall this week, definetly was Unfortunate that Archer had to miss the Show(and for the next Two Weeks atleast aswell because of him testing Positive for the Virus) & because of that not getting the Six Man Tag Match, but AEW/TK made a Nice Backup Resolvement in giving Eddie Kingston the Match with Moxley instead!

Miro/Sabian vs Janela/Sonny was Meh(quite Sloppy especially towards the End of the Match, atleast the Outcome was Right with Miro tapping out Sonny as the Finish), Eddie Kingston Promo was Nice & the Face-Off with Moxley was pretty Good, "Hangman" Adam Page vs Evil Uno was a Good Match, the Backstage Segment with Tony Schiavone & Matt Jackson was Fine overall, Mr. Brodie Lee vs Orange Cassidy was pretty Enjoyable, Cody's Return after was Fine, Mr. Brodie Lee's Promo backstage was pretty Good Stuff(a Dog Collar Match between Brodie Lee & Cody sounds like a Nice Old School Match), the Matt Hardy, Private Party & Chris Jericho Segment was Fine(obviously Private Party(Quen & Kassidy) need to learn & grow their Mic Skills, I'm certain they will down the Line), Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse & Diamante was Solid, the Chris Jericho & MJF Backstage Segment was just absolutely Fantastic, the FTR, Tully Blanchard & Best Friends was pretty Fine overall & the Main Event with Jon Moxley vs Eddie Kingston was Enjoyable overall for what it was(the Chops Exchanges were just Nice) & the Brawl at the end with Lucha Bros, Will Hobbs, Darby Allin & Ricky Starks included was pretty Fine (that Spinebuster by Hobbs on Fenix & especially the Spear by Starks on Darby was Great)! :D

#AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT #AllEliteWrestling #ImWithAEW

I am not your mummy!
Laser weapons are already in the process of being added to C-130s and are small enough to mount to a Lear Jet.
You mean the ATL? I thought the Advanced Tactical Laser was discontinued after successful testing?

AFSOC is actively pursuing a directed-energy weapon onboard the AC-130J in place of the 30mm gun by 2022, if that's what you meant.

Still a far cry from the aforementioned scenario, though… or is it?
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CHS, Class of 20XX
@Background Pony #EE4D
More pointedly, Article VI of the original Constitution says "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." Unless it can be shown that her secular judicial philosophy is out of the mainstream, her personal beliefs are immaterial.
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Am so wishing Paulo Costa wins against Adesanya, even if I like the Weeb (as a fighter.)

But look at Costa's arms though…LOOK AT IT!

considering he's normally about 50lbs heavier when not fighting, his weight loss is always gruelling, and the older he gets, the harder it is staying at middleweight. It will be torture.

Meaning: I'd rather he beat Middleweight's best fighter NOW, before he can no longer make weight. Oh he's also probably juiced up with so much shit, I mean just LOOK AT HIM! Big as a goddamn barn. Between multiple drug testing and losing up to 50lbs per fight, it's a wonder he's kept up 4 so long.
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Fact check: here's the video of Trump being clear enough on how to vote and make sure your vote was counted in.

«U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday encouraged those who cast votes by mail to cast two ballots in November's election, one by mail and another in person as a check to see if the mailed vote was counted

Not a single instance he asks this, you are just inventing things.

He literally spends the first 24 seconds telling people to vote twice.

If you get the unsolicited ballots, send it in and go make sure it is counted. And if it doesn't tabulate you vote! Just vote. And then if they tabulate it very late which they shouldn't be doing they'll see you voted so it won't count. So send it in early, and then go and vote, and if it's not tabulated you vote and the vote is going to counted.

And here he does it again, which I can't tell if it's from the same conference or from one the next day.

They'll go out and vote and they're gonna have to check that vote by going to the poll and checking that way because if it tabulates then they won't be able to do that. So let them send it in, and let them go vote, and if their system is as good as they say it is then they won't be able to vote.

The most generous interpretation is that he's trying to force a stress test on election security. Which will still end in 1 of 2 results:

1) The security is good and the double vote is caught. And since it's a crime you get arrested.
2) The security is bad and the double vote isn't caught. So you voted twice.
Beau Skunky
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@Dex Stewart
I heard Patoo's narration bits were added last minute to make the movie easier to understand, as it confused test audiences.

Regardless of it's faults, I still liked the movie, has some nice characters/premise, nice corny musical scenes, great animation, and such, so it's still not Bluth's worst.

I hear a few things were edited out to make the movie more kid-friendly, including a scene where the Grand Duke of owls was preparing a skunk in a pie, (the horror!) and Goldie's cleavage being erased. (Like Rouge the bat in "Sonic X")

Hey guys! I've spent the last few months cooped up working on this twilight rig, I threw together a rough little animation test and I'd be grateful if some folks could share their thoughts. Usually I get feedback from other animators I know but I have no idea how my coworkers would take this project…

(there is sound, click through to the post for it)

Having been the only eyeballs on it as I was making it I worry I may have strayed into the uncanny valley, which I want to avoid.

I'll put a list of known issues here so folks can avoid repeating themselves:
- It's rendered in eevee, not cycles, so it doesn't look great overall. The shading and defocus specifically are pretty whack
- The lip sync is rough, she's kind of mouthing in places and I haven't properly sold a number of the phonemes.
- Some of the acting choices are dubious, I would need to either sell that arm swing on "Always glad" way — better, or cut it entirely for something more natural.
- the cloth sim is… jank. (The original plan was to use a deform rig, but I ran out of time)
- hair is clipping in places
- there are still some funky deformations in the nose I have to iron out
- an anon pointed out the blinks are way too fast and they're damn right, I just did blinks for a normal human sized eye without thinking. Good to know!
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“ShimSham my GlimGlams”
@Background Pony #4146
From this study:
Examining only cases from fiscal year 2016, the Commission found a 20.7 percent difference in the sentence length for Black male offenders compared to White male offenders…

…after controlling for violence in the offenders’ criminal history, the difference in sentence length between Black male offenders and White male offenders was 20.4 percent, a difference of only 0.3 percentage points from the results found without the additional data… Similarly, the difference in average sentence between the remaining offender groups was virtually identical to what it was without the additional data included in the analysis.

…the Commission found that the effect of the data about violent criminal history on the sentences imposed was, in itself, not statistically significant. That is, violence in an offender’s past did not have any independent effect on the sentence imposed over and above
the effect of the other variables measured. As discussed more fully
in the 2010 Booker Multivariate Analysis, interpreting regression analysis results depends on several factors. One primary factor is the “significance test,” which asks whether the results of the analysis for each independent variable are “statistically significant.” Statistical significance is a determination of the probability that the measured relationship between an independent variable and the dependent variable is the result of random chance (i.e., that the measured relationship does not, in fact, reflect a true association) 36. The Commission found that the prior violence variable itself had no statistically significant effect on the dependent variable (i.e., sentence length) 37. That is, it cannot be said that violence in an offender’s past has any true association with the sentence imposed.

@Brass Beau
Spike is a dog,because Spike is Twilight's most faithful guide in her journey.Mentor Mascot of hero or in the this case the voice of reason on mlp and eqg for Twilight.
Equestria Girls(2013) is a history of magical girls,but old school.The protagonist is a magic user who is a candidate to become goverment back in her home realm. She has come to Earth as part of a test of character to prove she is queen material, making the world a better place or by directly competing with a rival to accrue some sort experience to prove her worthiness.
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@Background Pony #7EC3
Yeah no. We both know what Joe was referencing.
Yes, we do. He was referencing Trump's long, long history of being a hysterical fearmongering xenophobe. Not the travel restrictions.

@Background Pony #7EC3
He and the media were highly critical of Trumps response to the virus and said he was over reacting. Thankfully neither Biden nor the media was in charge.
Frankly everyone should be highly critical of Trump's response to the virus. He spent weeks ignoring the problem and pretending it would just magically go away (emphasis on pretending since we now know for a fact he was advised on and knew how bad it would be), before eventually making a token effort that accomplished basically nothing. And his follow up to that, wasting months of time not coming up with a plan, not testing adequately, misinforming the public, and encouraging the politicization of the most basic means of protection from the virus before finally giving up and just pretending he actually took decisive action to fix things, has placed the US response and our country as a whole among worst, most pathetic on Earth.

But as far as the response to stopping travel, this story of Democrats up in arms over it and Biden condemning it is utter fantasy.
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