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El Paso Resident
Dead Rising 3, good game.

Then I reached the Loader boss…

Uninstalled without regret.

Gah, I gave it another shot.

Fuck this boss, just fuck it and the piece of shit who designed it and didn’t play test it.

Nostalgia Purist

The night at the annual Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville had arrived. It was back at the end of May. A crowd of ponies had went to Twilight’s new house that was a library. Twilight and Spike had moved from Canterlot where she had been born and raised, as she and Spike moved to their new library in Ponyville that day.

"Hey, I’m Spike and I been raised in Canterlot with Twilight." Spike told Applejack and smiled.

"Howdy, and I am Applejack from the Sweet Apple Acres farm outside Ponyville." Applejack told the baby dragon and gave a smile.

There was a surprise party at midnight under the moon in the crowded house. The library had been decorated with big colourful balloons, confetti and streamers. For over 500 years ago in the 1480s Starswirl the Bearded had been told to live there according to the books in that library. Starswirl failed the tests that Princess Celestia gave him, so he moved out of Ponyville. Twilight went to bed under the party in the night, but the party was still going on. There was games, stories and cakes. Spike had been reading stories about the history of Ponyville, as Applejack read a book about Sweet Apple Acre’s over 100 year of history.

"For decades the gathering of the Apple family at every Summer Sun Celebration had been a tradition, as they gathered in the orchard by Sweet Apple Acres." Applejack read.

Drinks from Manehattan got served, and there was also strong drinks from Saddle Arabia too. Many of the guests that came to the party in the library was Derpy. Pinkie Pie had taken a bunch of records with her she played, and the crowd of ponies they was dancing along to the latest hit music from the Ponyville musicians. Later on had Applejack, Rarity and Spike been grabbing a large clear pink horseshoe balloon. The ponies and the baby dragon pushed to the horseshoe balloon in long time with their snouts and heads. Spike and the ponies felt very aroused by feeling how the soft balloon bounced against their snouts. Rarity then felt her hot horn throb by feeling how Spike kept on brushing the loudly squeaking balloon against her hot hard horn for a while. The unicorn pony loved to feel how the baby dragon was petting her horn with the balloon. Over an hour later had the horny pony been sucking Rarity’s hardened horn in long time. The baby dragon with soft spikes masturbated for over five hours by seeing the earth pony giving the unicorn that long horn sucking. As Applejack kept on giving the unicorn pony a hornjob were Spike petting the bloated rubber horseshoe. The aroused baby dragon also kissed and hugged the shiny balloon too as he rubbed himself under the legs. At last had the gasping pony reached her third climax after having the dino rub the static balloon body against her hair for over five hours. The party in Twilight’s library ended later that night, as the ponies and Spike they went to the annual Summer Sun Celebration in the decorated towns hall.

A year had passed since Twilight had moved into Ponyville. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon went to their cute cenera in Sugarcube Corner in the summer. A year went since alicorn Twilgiht had been crossed over to the human world. That was the second time that the Cutie Mark Crusaders had been at the cute cenera after gathering for the first time that last year. Sugarcube Corner had been decorated with streamers and big colorful shiny balloons in many shapes that afternoon.

"I will like to welcome you to my annual cute cenera here in Sugarcube Corner." Diamond Tiara told the crowd of ponies and smiled.

Diamond Tiara was later on blowing air in a tiny, very long and blue balloon at the party in the balloon decorated room. The filly felt how the long rubber body got very long between her hooves, as Diamond Tiara loved how the shiny balloon hissed and squeaked. Diamond Tiara, Noi and Silver Spoon stood and grabbed and released the long blue balloon in over six hours. Diamond Tiara felt ecstatic by feeling the soft shiny rubber skin. Diamond Tiara, Noi and Silver Spoon it tickle in their flanks by playing with the swollen blue sausage. Twist had also showed up.

"Hey Twist nice to see you again." Diamond Tiara told the filly and gave a smile.

Then had Twist, Noi and Silver Spoon playing with a big pink and round balloon, while Diamond Tiara stood and rubbed herself under the legs from the evening until the end of the night. The horny filly had not rubbed herself under the legs before, and she examined herself under the legs . At last had the horny filly reached her second climax that morning, while Twist had been brushing a pink and whiny starfish shaped balloon in front of Diamond Tiara to arouse her.
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Part-time Pizza Cat

Well not anymore anyway. Wasn't too long ago though, we were chemically castrating and tube cutting up into the 50s.

I learned a few months ago that the venerable APA helped develop some of the "tests" that determined who would be sterilized. So, in addition to approving of torture, that's another stain in their record.

And this is why the APS is the superior psychological authority. We have better research methods, more fun conventions, oh and no torture or forced sterilization.
Artist -

Kinda always wanted to do a Fallout Equestria style thing with cdda as base so I'm testing cataclysm's flexibility with it's jsons…

Currently I found you you can give a survivor any mutation via the traits keyword in the professions file; so I made them a herbivore and a savant and called them a pony…faked the items in the image but I'm using them as a blueprint of sorts.

I want see what happens when I start fiddling with the anatomy file…

The rest (if I can get away with giving them a tail and turning the arms into front legs) should mostly be cosmetic
(backpack→ pair of saddlebags,
gloves → foreleg socks) and minor adjustments…
like adding hayburgers and making the mutations make sense like
hooves → cloven hooves
Character customization(hair and beards at least) seem to work the same and has sprite support which'll help a lot

After that I think adding mlp villian factions in and modifying the zombies into pony zombies…and obviously getting a tileset created to make all this make a bit more sense when playing:D
Dark yays ahead!
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Part-time Pizza Cat
Intentional or not, the optics were pretty bad on it.

Always get your designs tested out before putting them into the spotlight.
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Here are the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards for 2020

Category A Awards

Lou Thesz/Ric Flair Award (Wrestler of the Year)

1. Jon Moxley

2. Kenny Omega

3. Tetsuya Naito

4. Kota Ibushi

5. Drew McIntyre

6. Bayley

7. Go Shiozaki

8. Roman Reigns

9. Mayu Iwatani

10. Chris Jericho

Most Outstanding Wrestler

1. Kenny Omega

2. Kota Ibushi

3. Shingo Takagi

4. Tomohiro Ishii

5. Will Ospreay

6. Minoru Suzuki

7. Kazuchika Okada

8. Hiromu Takahashi

9. Go Shiozaki

10. Rey Fénix

Tag Team of the Year

1. Young Bucks

2. Kenny Omega & Adam Page

3. FTR

4. Dangerous Tekkers

5. Bayley & Sasha Banks

6. The North

7. Best Friends

8. Lucha Brothers

9. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi

10. (Tied) Santana & Ortiz, Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly

Best on Interviews

1. Eddie Kingston

2. Jon Moxley

3. MJF

4. Cody Rhodes

5. Chris Jericho

6. Taz

7. Roman Reigns

8. Jay White

9. Pat McAfee

10. Randy Orton

Promotion of the Year

1. AEW


3. WWE

4. Stardom

5. UFC

6. Pro Wrestling Noah

7. Impact Wrestling

8. Dragon Gate

9. ROH

10. DDT

Best Weekly TV Show

1. AEW Dynamite


3. Being the Elite

4. AEW Dark

5. WWE SmackDown

6. NJPW Strong

7. ROH

8. Impact Wrestling

9. MLW Fusion


Match of the Year

1. Kenny Omega & Adam Page vs. Young Bucks (AEW Revolution)

2. Kazuchika Okada vs. Kota Ibushi (NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14, Night 1)

3. FTR vs. Young Bucks (AEW Full Gear)

4. Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito (NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14, Night 2)

5. Ilja Dragunov vs. WALTER (NXT UK, October 2020)

6. Kota Ibushi vs. Minoru Suzuki (NJPW G1 Climax, Night 13)

7. Hiromu Takahashi vs. Will Ospreay (NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14, Night 1)

8. Go Shiozaki vs. Takashi Sugiura (Noah Final Chronicle)

9. Stadium Stampede (AEW Double or Nothing)

10. Adam Page, Alex Reynolds & John Silver vs. MJF, Ortiz & Santana (AEW Dynamite — Brodie Lee Tribute Show)

Category B Awards

US/Canada MVP

1. Jon Moxley

2. Kenny Omega

3. Cody Rhodes

4. Drew McIntyre

5. Roman Reigns

6. Chris Jericho

7. Bayley

8. Adam Cole

9. Adam Page

Japan MVP

1. Tetsuya Naito

2. Kota Ibushi

3. Go Shiozaki

4. Kazuchika Okada

5. Mayu Iwatani

6. Minoru Suzuki

7. Hiromu Takahashi

8. Will Ospreay

9. Tomohiro Ishii

10. Shingo Takagi

Mexico MVP

1. Rey Fénix

2. Laredo Kid

3. Pagano

4. LA Park

5. Volador, Jr.

6. Psycho Clown

7. Kenny Omega

8. Rush

9. Pentagón, Jr.

10. Ultimo Guerrero

Europe MVP


2. Will Ospreay

3. Zack Sabre, Jr.

4. Cara Noir

5. Ilja Dragunov

Non-Heavyweight MVP

1. Hiromu Takahashi

2. Rey Fénix

3. Darby Allin

4. Rey Mysterio

5. El Phantasmo

Women's MVP

1. Bayley

2. Mayu Iwatani

3. Sasha Banks

4. Asuka

5. Hikaru Shida

6. Io Shirai

7. Giulia

8. Thunder Rosa

9. Yuka Sakazaki

10. (Tied) Britt Baker, Hana Kimura, Serena Deeb

Best Box Office Draw

1. Conor McGregor

2. Jon Moxley

3. Chris Jericho

4. Tetsuya Naito

5. Roman Reigns

6. Kenny Omega

7. Young Bucks

8. Khabib Nurmagomedov

9. Jorge Masvidal

10. Cody Rhodes

Feud of the Year

1. Jon Moxley vs. Eddie Kingston (AEW)

2. Cody Rhodes vs. Brodie Lee (AEW)

3. Adam Page vs. Kenny Omega (AEW)

4. Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho (AEW)

5. FTR vs. Young Bucks (AEW)

6. MJF vs. Cody Rhodes (AEW)

7. Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs. Young Bucks (AEW)

8. Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns (WWE)

9. The Elite vs. The Inner Circle (AEW)

10. Edge vs. Randy Orton (WWE)

Most Improved

1. Britt Baker

2. Giulia

3. John Silver

4. Taichi

5. Jungle Boy

6. Brodie Lee

7. Roman Reigns

8. Tay Conti


10. Adam Page

Most Charismatic

1. MJF

2. Orange Cassidy

3. Jon Moxley

4. Hiroshi Tanahashi

5. Eddie Kingston

6. Chris Jericho

7. Cody Rhodes

8. Tetsuya Naito

9. Kenny Omega

10. Ricky Starks

Bryan Danielson Award (Best Technical Wrestler)

1. Zack Sabre, Jr.

2. Daniel Bryan

3. Jonathan Gresham

4. Kyle O'Reilly

5. Timothy Thatcher

6. Will Ospreay

7. Kenny Omega

8. Minoru Suzuki

9. Syuri

10. Kota Ibushi

Bruiser Brody Memorial Award (Best Brawler)

1. Jon Moxley

2. Tomohiro Ishii

3. Brodie Lee

4. Minoru Suzuki

5. Shingo Takagi

6. Eddie Kingston


8. Matthew Justice

Best Flying Wrestler

1. Rey Fénix

2. Will Ospreay

3. Hiromu Takahashi

4. Nick Jackson

5. Darby Allin

6. Dragon Dia

7. Rey Mysterio

8. Matt Jackson

9. (Tied) El Hijo Del Vikingo, Bandido

Most Overrated (= most over-pushed)

1. Bray Wyatt


3. King Corbin

4. Nia Jax

5. Braun Strowman

6. Goldberg

7. Cody Rhodes

8. (Tied) Seth Rollins, The Miz

9. Charlotte Flair

Most Underrated (= most under-pushed)

1. Ricochet

2. Chad Gable

3. Riddle

4. (Tied) Cesaro, Mustafa Ali

5. Keith Lee

6. Tomohiro Ishii

7. Rey Fénix

8. Toa Henare

9. Aleister Black

Rookie of the Year

1. Pat McAfee

2. Anna Jay


4. Dominik Mysterio

5. Top Flight

6. Will Hobbs

7. Benjamin Carter

8. Blake Christian

9. Alan Angels

10. Yuki Mashiro

Best Non-Wrestler

1. Taz

2. Paul Heyman

3. Don Callis

4. Tony Schiavone

5. Jake Roberts

6. Adam Pearce

7. Zelina Vega

Best Television Announcer

1. Excalibur

2. Kevin Kelly

3. Tony Schiavone

4. Jim Ross

5. Mark Pickering

6. Hugo Savinovich

7. Wade Barrett

8. Chris Jericho

9. Ian Riccobani

10. (Tied) Jae Church, Samoa Joe

Worst Television Announcer

1. Michael Cole

2. Corey Graves

3. Beth Phoenix

4. Jim Ross

5. Josh Mathews

6. Byron Saxton

7. Tom Phillips

8. Madison Rayne

9. Vic Joseph

Best Major Wrestling Show

1. AEW Revolution

2. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14, Night 1

3. NJPW G1 Climax, Night 13

4. AEW Dynamite (Brodie Lee Tribute Show)

5. AEW Double or Nothing

6. AEW Full Gear

7. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14, Night 2

8. WWE Royal Rumble

9. NXT TakeOver: Portland

Worst Major Wrestling Show

1. WWE Super ShowDown

2. WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules

3. WWE WrestleMania 36, Part 2

4. WWE Money in the Bank

5. AEW All Out

6. WWE Survivor Series

7. WWE WrestleMania 36, Part 1


Best Wrestling Manoeuvre

1. One Winged Angel (Kenny Omega)

2. Buckshot Lariat (Adam Page)

3. Buckshot V-Trigger (Adam Page & Kenny Omega)

4. Kamigoye (Kota Ibushi)

5. (Tied) Paradigm Shift (Jon Moxley), Hidden Blade (Will Ospreay)

6. Stormbreaker (Will Ospreay)

7. Coffin Drop (Darby Allin)

8. Pumping Bomber (Shingo Takagi)

9. Whirling Candy (Mizuki)

10. Black Arrow (Pac)

Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic

1. WWE firing everyone during a pandemic

2. WWE operating without COVID testing

3. WWE banning talent from third party opportunities

4. WWE running in Saudi Arabia

5. AEW continuing Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

6. Rey Mysterio losing his eye angle

7. Dana White attempting to run a show on a Native American reservation

8. (Tied) WWE continuing to employ wrestlers with sexual misconduct allegations, Bushiroad handling the death of Hana Kimura

9. WWE turning Drake Maverick firing into storyline

Worst Television Show

1. WWE Raw

2. Impact Wrestling

3. WWE SmackDown

4. ROH

5. (Tied) WWE NXT, WWE 205 Live

Worst Match of the Year

1. Braun Strowman vs. The Fiend (WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules)

2. Goldberg vs. The Fiend (WWE Super ShowDown)

3. Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara (AEW All Out)

4. Edge vs. Randy Orton (WWE WrestleMania 36, Part 2)

5. Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena (WWE WrestleMania 36, Part 2)

6. Brock Lesnar vs. Ricochet (WWE Super ShowDown)

7. Jado vs. Toru Yano (NJPW New Japan Cup, Night 1)

8. Britt Baker vs. Big Swole (AEW All Out

9. Randy Orton vs. The Fiend (WWE TLC)

10. Braun Strowman vs. The Fiend (WWE SummerSlam)

Worst Feud of the Year

1. Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt (WWE)

2. Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton (WWE)

3. Lana vs. Nia Jax (WWE)

4. Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins (WWE)

5. EVIL vs. Tetsuya Naito (NJPW)

6. Retribution vs. WWE (WWE)

7. Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara (AEW)

8. Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders (WWE)

9. (Tied) Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus (WWE), Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy (AEW)

Worst Promotion of the Year

1. WWE

2. Impact Wrestling

3. ROH

4. MLW


Best Booker

1. Tony Khan

2. Gedo

3. Nosawa Rongai

4. Rossy Ogawa

5. Sanshiro Takagi

6. Paul Levesque

7. Hunter Johnson

Promoter of the Year

1. Tony Khan

2. Dana White

3. Sanshiro Takagi

4. Harold Meij

5. (Tied) Joe Koff, Brett Lauderdale

6. Vince McMahon

Best Gimmick

1. Orange Cassidy

2. Brodie Lee

3. Roman Reigns

4. Adam Page

5. Darby Allin

6. Kenny Omega

7. MJF

8. The Fiend

9. Eddie Kingston

10. Dark Order

Worst Gimmick

1. The Fiend

2. Retribution

3. Alexa Bliss

4. Seth Rollins

5. Master Wato

6. Dexter Lumis

7. King Corbin

8. Lana

9. Great-O-Khan

10. Miro

Best Pro-Wrestling Book

1. Killing the Business (Young Bucks)

2. Eighth Wonder of the World (Pat Laprade & Bertrand Hebert)

3. Under the Black Hat (Jim Ross)

4. Shamrock: World's Most Dangerous Man (Jonathan Snowden)

5. Wrestling Observer Yearbook: 1997 (Dave Meltzer)

6. NJPW Year in Review 2020 (Voices of Wrestling)

7. Master of the Ring (Tim Hornbaker)

Best Pro-Wrestling Documentary

1. Dark Side of the Ring: Owen Hart

2. Dark Side of the Ring: Chris Benoit

3. WWE The Last Ride

4. Dark Side of the Ring: Herb Abrams

5. You Cannot Kill David Arquette

6. WWE 24: Edge

7. (Tied) Dark side of the Ring: Brawl for All, AEW Road to Full Gear

8. Dark Side of the Ring: New Jack
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It works ok for me, including filtering anything that implies G5, like characters who are G5 only.

Is the problem that there are some G5 images that are not tagged correctly? For a test, do you see this image or the spoiler? Using your filter, I see the spoiler, so I hope that's what you see, too.

(edit: changed the image to a static image so that we don't have to deal with 'webm lag')
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yay(){ yay|yay & };yay
Bumping this since it doesn't seem to be in the tracker yet, unless I missed it.

I just noticed the formatting buttons/shortcuts produce wrong syntax before/after empty lines.

Without an empty line, it correctly applies brackets and everything works.


[*test test test*]

When there's an empty line, however, it adds another piece of markup before and after the empty line which get parsed as regular text.



[_test_ _test_]

If you remove the two tags(?) again, everything works.



[+test test+]
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Vortex Clipper
@Goku Black
If flu patients are tested as COVID-19 patients in large scale then the death rate would've been much lower.
The testing may not be 100% accurate but I do believe it's higher than 99%, otherwise it wouldn't be published and mass produced.
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@Background Pony #1F81
It describes a minority of Sanders supporters who mirror the behavior of Trump supporters:

They define their support for other politicians based upon whether they have endorsed their messiah. Even if a figure has been historically a champion of their claimed ideology, if they do not submit fully to to their candidate, they are treated as an enemy (see:Elizabeth Warren, Howard Dean, John Kasich). Conversely, even if they historically acted contrary to their stated ideology, a politician can win their enthusiastic embrace by by swearing fealty to their candidate (see: Tulsi Gabbard).

The gold standard for any issue is their candidate's current position. Any deviation from this position is a sign that someone is not a true believer and an enemy, even if their own candidate previously supported similar positions just a few years earlier. Purity tests are often arbitrary, and there is no room for nuance. Everything is a black and white issue to them.

They have a massive victim complex. When things do not work out for them, they are quick to turn to conspiracy theories. They are convinced that the vast majority of people are on their side, and that only the machinations of a sinister cabal keep them from winning.

They prefer style over substance, with their chosen style being aggressive, provocative, and adversarial. To act with composure and professionalism is to invite suspicion from them, even if one supports their positions. They prefer protest and grandstanding to negotiation and consensus building in government.
Goku Black
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Really? I thought it was because they we're being counted as covid because the covid tests aren't entirely 100% accurate…but that could just be the conspiracy theorist inside me (that I can't seem to get rid of no matter how I try…and I am trying despite what you may think) speaking.
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In my third year of college, don’t feel I’m truly getting anywhere after all this time. It’s getting harder to find the motivation to even pay attention in class, let alone study for tests for which I’ll forget most of the relevant information after the class is done, or I’ll sometimes fail the tests outright. Feel far behind in actually getting a good job after school, have yet to even have an internship. Hoped to have research experience at some point, it’s looking like that won’t happen. Dunno how the hell I’m going to get into grad school like I initially planned. To top it off, I don’t feel like I contribute in any meaningful way to the student organization I’m in or that I have any sort of significant friendship with the fellow members; we only really interact because we’re meeting to work on our project at the same time. Sure it’s fun, but not anything that seems to have significance beyond club matters.

Every day I’m reminded of how I’ve basically just fucked around for the past few years and not made anything of myself. At best, I might graduate with a deadend job at the bottom of the barrel for what my degree applies to, with around $100,000 in debt to pay off. I thought I had potential at one point, wish I at least knew what changed and why.
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By this point for my math class, it's gonna be a miracle if I pass, not been getting good quiz scores and I have a feeling that I'll do badly on this test for this section. Probability fucking sucks
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U mad?
Get this: Milo banned from Parler (and the story source will surprise you).
He decided to test Parler's new rules by making some "interesting" posts, and they banned him for it. Their new host is strict on hateful content and Parler is following their guidelines.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition


Sunset checked her phone for any new messages from her girlfriend Adagio. Seeing one, she opened up the new message.

Hey Sunny! Just wanted to let you know that I'm missing you and I want to run an idea by you. xoxo 'Dagi'

Sunset felt her hands get a bit sweaty from nervousness. She stared at the text and wondered if she'd done something to get in trouble with her girlfriend. Was 'Dagi' wanting to talk to her about wanting to break up? She didn't know, but her gut sank at the thought of breaking up.


Sunset unlocked the door to her apartment and immediately plopped face down on the couch.

She looked at her phone as its message notification sound went off.

A: I want to talk, are you home right now?

S: Yes.

A: Okay, I'll be there soon. By the way, you're usually more 'talkative' when we text. Are you okay?

S: I'm scared.

A: Why are you scared, Sunny?

S: I'm just thinking up worst case scenarios about this talk that you want to have with me. Like us breaking up.

A: Well, breaking up with you is the farthest thing on my mind. Is your door unlocked?

S: No, I'll get up and unlock it.

A: Okay, I'm almost here.


Sunset cuddled against Adagio, embraced and feeling comforted by the closeness and intimacy of their special moments together.

"I love you," Adagio reaffirmed, gently running her hands along Sunset's upper arms and shoulders.

"I love you," Sunset replied. "W-what is it that you want to talk about?"

"I want to bring some of our guy friends over to make love to you," Adagio confessed.

Adagio felt Sunset tremble in fear and she wrapped her arms over Sunset's torso and gently squeezed Sunset in her embrace.

"W-why?" Sunset queried tremulously.

"Because, I want to show others my amazing girlfriend," Adagio answered. "Do you trust me?"

"'Dagi', this is outside of my comfort zone. Can't what we have stay between us?" Sunset pleaded, tears in the corners of her eyes.

"Sunny, I want to build up your confidence. I want you to see the beauty in you that I see. But staying in your comfort zone isn't going to help you to build up that confidence. Sunny, I love you. Will you trust me in this?"

"'Dagi', I'm scared. Promise you won't leave me?"

"I promise, Sunny. I'll be with you the whole time."

Adagio cupped Sunset's cheek as she turned Sunset's head and tenderly kissed her. Sunset's eyes closed as she lost herself in the sensation of their oral affection.


The next day Adagio texted four guys whom she knew from Canterlot High. She created a group chat with Bulk Biceps, Flash Sentry, Timber Spruce, and Micro Chips.

A: Hey guys. I was wondering if you guys are interested in setting up a playdate with Sunset. I will want recent STD/STI test results, so anyone who fails that won't be invited to play. She's pretty nervous, so I'm hoping that anyone who passes the test will be gentle and ease her into things.


F: I'll go.

T: Can I get a photo of her?

M: She used to bully me. She has been a lot nicer after she reformed, though. Plus, I always did think she was pretty hot. I'm in.

A: Here's a photo of Sunset.

T: She is pretty hot. Count me in.

A: Cool, get me those test results and if you're clean, how about we set the playdate for the Sunday of next week. Also, this goes without saying, but if you guys decide to fuck anyone after getting the test result but before the playdate, then you won't be able to join in.


F: See you, 'Dagi'!

T: Later.

M: Micro Chips out.


A day before the playdate, Adagio invites Flash, Timber, Bulk, and Micro over to her apartment. "Alright, one at a time, one of you are to enter the kitchenette where I'll be waiting. I'll also require you to tell me if you have had sex with anyone since being tested. And we'll have you guys go alphabetical. So Bulk, then Flash, then Micro and finishing with Timber.

All of the guys passed the test.

Back in the living room, Adagio sat down with the guys. "Okay, so Sunset is pretty nervous about this, so I'll kick things off with her. So I don't want you guys to start stripping anything off before I've got her ready, got it?"


"It'll be nice to get farther than 3rd base with Sunset, especially now that she's nice now."

"I'm looking forward to bangin' Bacon Hair."

"I will confess myself curious what intimate relations with my former school bully will be like."

"Okay, let's plan to start at 10 in the morning at Sunset's apartment. See you guys tomorrow morning," Adagio informed as she waved farewell as the guys left her. She closed the door and began packing a bag for her to stay the night over at Sunset's place.

A: Are you home, Sunny?

S: I am. Are you coming over to stay the night?

A: Of course! See you when I get there, my love.

S: I love you. I'll be waiting.


Sunset kept looking at her apartment door, but then she'd feel nervous and restless and get up and pace around her living room.

"Sunset, come to me," Adagio commanded, patting the area on the couch between her legs.

Sunset sat and reclined into Adagio's embrace. She closed her eyes and felt so much of her stress and anxiety drain from her as Adagio hugged her with one arm and hand settled and caressing her stomach, while Adagio's other hand was stroking down Sunset's red and yellow tresses.

Sunset sighed in contentment, lulled into a peaceful state between half awake and half asleep. Of course, the peace was broken by the knocking on her apartment door. She rose to her feet and opened the door.

Outside her door; Bulk, Flash, Timber, and Micro waited patiently to be invited in. Sunset brushed a stray lock of her hair back in a nervous gesture. "U-um, w-welcome, guys. Come inside?"

Timber shot her a cocky grin and winked at her. "I certainly intend to!"

Flash scowled and cuffed the back of Timber's head. "Ease up, hotshot. Don't ruin this for the rest of us."

Bulk voiced his usual vociferous enthusiasm. "Yeah!"

Micro smiled at Sunset, feeling a little shy. "Don't mind him, he's just really excited to get started. Thanks for having us over, Sunset."

Sunset smiled tremulously and closed and locked her apartment door. Adagio appeared from the kitchen. "Just give me a few more moments, I'm mixing up some Gatorade to keep us properly hydrated."

Flash gave her a thumbs up. "Sure thing, 'Dagi'.

The guys relaxed upon beanbag chairs while they waited and that they weren't immediately going into horndog mode was an immense relief to Sunset, though she knew she probably didn't have to worry about that from Flash.

"Bulk? Can you come in and carry the Gatorade, while I carry the other stuff?" Adagio called to Bulk from inside of the kitchen.

"Yeah!" Bulk agreed and got up, vanishing through the doorway leading into the kitchen area. Bulk returned carrying a 5 gallon drink dispenser of Gatorade, while Adagio carried a pack of SOLO cups and a permanent marker.

Adagio opened the pack of cups and wrote Sunset's name on one of the cups, after which she wrote her own name upon another cup. She filled both cups and sat them on a self-standing cupboard to the side of the couch before sitting upon the couch. "Come here, Sunny." Adagio invited, gesturing for her to join her on the couch.

Sunset reclined against her beloved and took the cup of Gatorade that Adagio passed over to her after which 'Dagi' picked up her own cup and began to sip that sweet hydrating fluid.

"Don't be afraid to help yourself to the 'ade. It's important to keep properly hydrated," Adagio informed and watched as the guys get up grabbing their cups, writing their names on their respective cups and filling them with Gatorade.

Adagio, wanting to slowly get things started, began to run her hands up and down Sunset's upper arms and shoulders. Sunset's eyes drifted close as she felt her girlfriend helped her to calm down and relax. Sunset felt 'Dagi' cup her cheek and turn her head for a kiss.

The guys watched silently, a mixture of patience and impatience. They were enjoying the sight of two girls kissing each other, but they were also really ready to join in.

"I love you," Adagio whispered into Sunset's ear.

"I love you," Sunset murmured back.

"Okay, I'm going to cover your eyes. You won't see the guys, but they'll still be there," Adagio informed her girlfriend.

"Okay," Sunset whispered, trembling very slightly.

Adagio's hand covered Sunset's eyes, while her other hand began to lift Sunset's shirt, exposing her belly for her and the guys' viewing pleasure.

"They're watching you, Sunny," Adagio murmured as she continued to run her hand over Sunset's exposed belly. Adagio grinned as she saw Sunset blush.

"'Dagi'!" Sunset whined, feeling majorly embarrassed.

Adagio susurrated Sunset. "They're pitching tents in their pants seeing how sexy you are, Sunny. Lean forward for a moment."

Sunset shuddered after leaning forward and feeling 'Dagi' unclasping her bra. It was still a strange feeling for her, as when she was a pony, wearing any kind of protective, supportive garments for her teats never even entered her mind, but as a human female, it had become a way of life. Taking her bra off wasn't sexual, unless she was doing it for 'Dagi', or in this case, the other guys in the room who were watching her. Her breasts felt tight, swollen and feeling 'Dagi' play with her nipples briefly got her nipples erect.

The guys on their beanbag chairs leaned forward a little more as Adagio slowly raised Sunset's shirt, before lowering the shirt back down, but with each raising, the lowering of the shirt was just a little higher each time as well.
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Sometimes Friendship is Magic shows some self awareness and they show some consequences to a character because of what they did in the past. In Luna Eclipsed, everyone is scared of princess Luna because of her previous actions in season 1 as Nightmare Moon. In Crusaders of the lost mark, Diamond Tiara realizes that she’s not liked by no one, even Silver Spoon, but then we realize that not only she’s being mean because of the influece of her toxic mother, but also Diamond Tiara can change for the better. She learns that being good is not only two words, it’s a possible goal. And since season 3, Discord is constantly questioned by Ponyville, not only the Mane 6. And in season 7 there’s a funny episode where all Ponyville represents some absurd complaints about the show from the fans, like the granny who said “Twilight was great without her wings”.

So, they’re gonna do the same thing for Starlight, right? In a TV show that sometimes talks about redemption, it sounds great, right? It’s possible, it isn’t like it’s a technology issue or a narrative problem that would severely affect the TV show from a dramatic point of view, right?

Yeah, it doesn’t matter at all.

Whenever Discord is planning something, it’s ok to question him because he can be crazy. Whenever the writers want, they show some Ponyville characters to critizice some mainstream opinions about the show. However, nobody, absolutely nobody in Ponyville questions Starlight regardless of her actions during seasons 6 and 7. It’s a selective self awareness that doesn’t translate very well in the context of the show.

I don’t think Rainbow Rocks is a good film, but one thing that the movie did right is that it shows some consecuences to Sunset Shimmer because of what she did in the first EG film. The entire high school doesn’t want her as a friend. That makes sense. However, she receives the right treatment after saving her high school and her friends. I wish the story was more organic and funnier, but it was something, it’s not like it’s impossible to show some consequences in a kids TV show.

If you think I’m very nitpicker, you’re not wrong because I’m a person who’s losing his sanity in a house where people are not the best confident in the world. But the reason why I’m saying this is that, even more than Sunset Shimmer, Babs Seed or Tempest Shadow, Starlight really wants to talk about redemption. And people who love this character praises her story.

So, if everyone wants to talk about Starlight’s story, I’m gonna talk about Starlight’s story.

There’s a popular film called Iron Man, where we see Tony Stark, a playboy millionaire who wants to protect the world by using dangerous weapons. After having the revelation that his weapons are dangerous in the wrong hands, he escapes, he decides to close Stark Industries and he starts working on a suit designed to destroy weapons and to punish enemies if necessary. The film isn’t perfect, I think the last 20 minutes are focused on convenient power fantasy, but it’s not too distracting and it’s still a solid film.

And that movie came out in 2008.

Let that sink in.

Some people don’t seem to have a problem with that because it’s more about redemption in a reformed villain. But, I don’t know, I have the feeling we saw two different shows. Many people would argue it was risky and rewarding to create a character like Starlight, but that’s not risky or brave or rewarding. Besides, most of what Starlight had said or done don’t indicate that she wants to redeem herself.

You know what would have been brave? A TV show where the new character doesn’t depend on insane crazy game breaking magic to talk about redemption as the main gimmick of the character.

Starlight’s arc characters reminds me of Weathering with you. Like that movie, the TV show made the decision to highlight the insane magic and powers as the core part of the story as a way to emotionally manipulate the viewer but commit to none of these themes in an organic way. It’s mindless power that doesn’t mean anything. If I really wanna see that, I’ll go and watch a Dragon Ball episode without caring about the story.

I don’t say with this that violence is bad or anything like that, I actually like it. I’m one of the few people who acknoledges the existence of Elfen Lied, and that’s the most violent bloody story ever. I’m talking about showing some consequences of certain actions. Here, that doesn’t happen, at least to Starlight.

It’s not like The Last of Us Part II, where the story shows some consequences of some mean decisions made by some specific characters (which is one of the reasons why I love this game). Or Undertale, where everything you do has some consequences. Or Marie Antoniette's story, where not only she had an affair despite being married, but also she used public money to buy unnecessary stuff (like beautiful dresses) in an era where the citizens were suffering because of hunger. She was abusing her power in a childish way that she indirectly proved the point that the Ancient Régime was outdated and the social division was so extreme.

Friendship is Magic had shown some consequences because of character’s actions with Putting your hoof down. In that episode, Fluttershy wanted to learn how to be assertive. But we slowly see her going too far to the point where she insulted her best friends, which leads up to a really emotional moment where Fluttershy realizes it was all her fault.

What I’m saying is that this is a very hollow, forced and hipocritical approach for a TV show that wants to tell this specific story with this specific character and this specific way of redemption and empathy that people who love Starlight seem to keep saying that the show is trying to get you to understand.

And I agree with them. I think the TV show is trying to do that with Starlight, because if it’s not… what is the point of this scene to being with?

If you wanna talk about redemption, that’s ok. I love Crusaders of the Lost mark because of that. And I love the MLP film because of that. But most of Starlight’s actions and lines conflict with this idea.

At this point, I still haven’t seen a change for the better in Starlight. And one of the reasons I wanted to say all this long overdue explanation is because I don’t wanna repeat myself when I finish the seasons 8 and 9.


One of the biggest problems this TV show has is that the more seasons it gets, the stupider their characters are going to get. If you’ve been in the Internet for many years, you might be familiar with the term flanderization. It’s a term to describe a writer abusing one feature of a character in an exaggerated way to the point where this feature is all the character. Easiest example: Ned Flanders was not as fanatic and controlling in the golden age of The Simpsons. Ned Flanders is suppose to be the opposite of Homer Simpson a good respected family guy. He was religious, but his extreme fanatism was only shown in very few but very funny moments. Right now it’s a fanatic controlling person.

Friendship is Magic had that problem many years ago and it still has. Probably the example I used to mention the most was Pinkie Pie. Since season 3, her appearances were only for screaming, telling unfunny jokes and trying to quickly guess the plan of one of her friends. I was so oversaturated because of that. In season 7, almost all her episodes are an excuse for Pinkie to go insane or creepy for 22 minutes, like Secrets and Pies and Rock solid friendship. Rainbow Dash also had that problem. With the exception of Parental Glideance and It isn’t the mane thing about you, she was mean for the sake of being mean. Despite loving her turtle Tank, she still gives cake to a turtle (which is not good) and she doesn’t even care about it. I know some people would find that funny, but, I don’t know. I think you can create funny situations without unlikeable elements, unless that is the point, like the animated show Villainous.


Some episodes are very similar to other episodes. All bottled up is Every little thing she does, but with Trixie as the main character. Daring Done is like Stranger than Fanfiction, which was also like Daring Don't but with an extra plot. Shadow Play is as fanfiction as To where and back again. Hard to say anything is like Top Bolt, but with a character from that town in season 5 I don’t remember its name and a story that passes even less the Bechdel test. Sassy Saddles is like Coco Pommel, but thiner and, unlike Coco Pommel, now she can be used as a complementy character for Rarity.

Speaking about characters, everyone returns. Every character in the show (the Flim Flam brothers, Trixie, Sassy Saddles, Maud Pie, Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiara, Nightmare Moon, Thorax, the yaks, Sunburst and finally Iron Will) is back. But when Chrysalis is back, it's only for a few minutes after waiting for four years. Plus a complete redesidn of the changelings.



Man, the new changelings are really ugly, right? I just needed a place in this text to say this. Damn, they don't have a lot of charm compared to other characters in the show. The silhouette, the design, the color palette (too many saturated colors when the rest of the characters are fine with 2 or 3 colors). It's a mess


Despite its problems, I still like season 7. I think the first two episodes were a bit more annoying than I expected because of the lack of self awareness, including the rest of the Starlight episodes. As a result, and a list of other issues (like wifi connection or finding the right episode with the right aspect ratio), it took me six months to finish it. Out of all my favourite episodes from season 7, I think Campfire Tales would be one of my 20 favourite episodes in the whole show. It has a lot of content and likeable characters that makes My Little Pony so fun, inventive and enjoyable to me.

There are three reasons why I went back to the show. The first reason is that the MLP film made me love all these characters and all this magical world again. I remember being so active in that thread back in 2017. The second reason is that Legend of Everfree was the Equestria Girls movie that made me really like Sunset Shimmer.

And the third and most important reason is that, as much as I like the show, Friendship is Magic is a procedurally-generated story getting more and more off the rails. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic isn't supposed to have a concrete planned-out logical storyline. If there was one, it would be there, clear as day, including a consistent arc character for Starlight, that’s for sure. The writers didn't think of the idea of writing stories for nine seasons. Pinkie Pie had 2 sisters, not 3. Applejack now has fear of big crowds in a time where we already see her in Manehattan without that fear of big crowds. The show has a lot of moments like that. Because of that, I can’t be mad at the redesign of the changelings, or Pinkie Pie’s flanderization. Or Starlight’s inconsistent arc character.

I’d say My Little Pony is as inconsistent as Kingdom Hearts, but what makes the TV show so great is not its overall consistency. It's the episodes and their respective stories regardless of the consistency of the show. Putting your hoof down, Party of One, Rarity Takes Manehattan, Crusaders of the lost mark, the MLP film, Campfire tales, Call of the Cutie, Cutie Mark Chronicles, A Canterlot Wedding, etc.

Because of that, instead of Kingdom Hearts, I compare My Little Pony to Metal Gear. What people love about that series is not the series itself (trying to chronologically connect all these games in a logical sense is impossible), it's some games that have some interesting stories, such as Metal Gear Solid 3. I can see the same thing in My Little Pony.

I guess the lesson here is that, if you are severely disappointed to a movie or a book to the point where you are angry, try to be cool about it. Try to take it easy. Try to focus on the things you know you can change. Try to take the negativity on a different spin to make it more fun and enjoyable. ¿Was I disappointed to some creative decisions made in My Little Pony? I try to look at the individual episodes as if they are their own thing instead of a part of a bigger story.

As much as I love A Canterlot Wedding, I accepted that I’m not gonna get an episode where Twilight and Chrysalis are gonna fight like I used to dream every single day since 2012. The closest thing we got was an official comic and some fanarts, and that’s enough for me to be happy and satisfied.

If I have this mentality, I might finish the seasons 8 and 9 this year without realizing it. I don’t wanna have high expectations and say “I want 18 really good episodes”, I just want for the season 8 to have at least 5 good episodes. Because I know that, even for unexpected reasons, some of the episodes are gonna be really cool.

Take care everyone.

PD: I hope most of us can agree that praising a character or a story just "because it wants to say something to us" is a pretty boring way to talk about movies, shows or books. It's also equally important to talk about what stories might say in an unintentional way.
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So I found out that my aunt, uncle and my little cousin who's around 4-5 tested positive for the virus. The one who I'm most concerned about is my uncle since he's a hard smoker but I hope all three will recover.
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Updates on Covid-19 and the lockdown in Malaysia, where I live:

1. All remaining businesses and retail sectors are allowed to open tomorrow (aside from food, construction, and saloons), but people cannot go there to test products.

2. Restaurants and cafes are now allowed to let people eat within their premises from tomorrow onwards, but only two people per table.

Recent reports mentioned that daily Covid cases have dropped to 3000s. Could that contribute to the loosening laws?
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I was overthinking and exaggerating things in that post, and now I am sure I obviously ended up making baseless accusations based on baseless accusations. Also; it is almost nothing alike, and is just me seeing things that aren't there.

It's a Roblox game, titled "After Us — A Step Too Far", last updated May 2019. It's part of a spinoff of "Roleplay is Magic", taking place in an alternate timeline (obviously still with ponies).

Current description as of this post:
A step too far into the future. Taking place 50 years into the future, ASTF takes place directly in the most important part of the capital city Stratosphere City. You can roleplay or visit the many areas of the map not limited ## ### ######### #### H.F.A or 'Heavily Fortified Area', Fort Zulu Airbase, the military police HQ, the highschool at spawn or many of the airships and army camps throughout the city. A civil war shakes the city, many fallen and ground lost. The generic rebel forces with no visual representation terrorizes the city as the Phobos Trooper Army gives it their all to have a permanent end to the uprisers. After us V4 Alpha testing commences!
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@Algebroot Neogears
I know how you feel. I had to download an extension for one of my college classes to take a test, but it was for Chrome and I didn't have it so I had to go through the trouble of downloading a browser I didn't need just so I can take a math test and then uninstall it again.

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