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Fanfiction » [NSFW] [Weird Shit] Scoot-a-Loo and the Temple of Dodo(om) snips/outline » Topic Opener

The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Here’s a thought: she entered the ancient temple of the Dodo pegasi, scoffing at the rumors it was cursed.
When her stomach started getting upset, she thought it was just the foreign food. When it started cramping, she thought she had a bit of Mountezuma’s Revenge, she found a nice, quiet corner where the ground was exposed to do her business. But when she finally let go, it wasn’t anything like what she was expecting.
It came from the wrong place, and never had an intestinal problem hurt so bad. Then the pain ceased, the big, hard object filling her pussy revving her up slowly, an unnatural lust taking hold and making its passage more pleasurable than it should be. When it squeezed its way out of her pussy, it saluted her clit, kicking off an unnaturally strong orgasm, tears in her eyes as she fought the pleasure… and the pain came again as another egg passed out of her cervix.
Pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain, they assaulted her one after another until she could no longer tell which was which. At some point, she managed to flop over and start crawling. Leaving a trail of eggs, she managed to get out of the temple after hours of fighting to move.
Then the eggs stopped, and she passed out.
When she eventually awoke, she thought it was over… until her stomach cramped again. But this time, after only three orgasmic eggs, her cervix now altered for only pleasure, it stopped. In the coming weeks, she would lay more eggs, a few at a time, her belly slowly swelling as her womb stretched to hold more before she had to lay again, her body continually producing them at a rate of about one a day.
So she researched. The only artifact that could cure the curse was hidden in the temple. Only a pony blessed by the Dodo tribe could enter the temple unmolested-if she went back in, her body would start producing so many eggs so quickly that she soon wouldn’t be able to move except squirm and lay more.
And so Daring Do was brought to Ponyville, where her sources had told her the last of the Dodo blood flowed, in the hopes that one small filly would be able to rescue her from a life of endless birthing.
The weakened blood, and the filly’s lack of knowledge in her tribe’s ancient customs, though, would only slow the curse, not stop it. As her friends would soon regret.
So Scootaloo, along with the Crusaders (including Babs?) and her adopted big sister enter the Temple of the Dodos, looking to retrieve the idol and uncurse Daring.
The temple is abandonded, and nobody’s interested in the idol but them, so all they have to deal with is the traps and maze-like construction. For whatever reason, Scootaloo ends up alone with each of the Crusaders, one after another, and when she does… they start laying. Just one, for the Crusaders, and as they cry from the pain, begging Scootaloo to help them, she somehow knows exactly how to do it. The second she touches them, they only feel pleasure, their bodies adapting to be like the ancient Dodo tribe… like Scootaloo. Of course, it doesn’t stop at just touching, plenty of UST among the Crusaders and all that.
Then, of course, once the other three Crusaders have laid and had a little private time with Scoots, Dash starts feeling it. Her older body has enough room for more though, so she has three eggs come out… and all of the crusaders help her, AB and Sweetie taking a nipple, drinking Dashie’s milk (they all started lactating when they laid) while Scoots goes for the source with her tongue. And then Babs slides under and they find out Dash has a really sensitive ass.
Eventually, after all that, they find the idol. Dash goes to grab it first… and starts having the same problem Daring originally did, eggs coming out one right after another. The Crusaders realize Scoots is probably the only one that can do it, so she goes up after it… and has a little spirit-walk in the space of an instant. Once she’s done, she realizes how to ‘cure’ the curse… by anointing them as her brides. The other Crusaders are surprised when Scootaloo suddenly appears, pantsless, and straddles Dash’s face, waving a cock in front of her nose. Dash, overwhelmed by orgasm, sucks it right in and goes to town. Scootaloo’s new dick doesn’t have a chance, and cums almost right away, Dash swallowing every bit of the oversized load… and slumping, a last few eggs sliding out of her pussy gently before stopping.
(not the best pic for this but, but there’s not much futaloo on non-futa Dash)
While Dash is recovering, Scoots explains that she can’t get rid of the curse entirely… but by claiming them like she did Dash (really, they just need to take some of her seed into their bodies, doesn’t matter how) they’ll only lay one egg a month… though it’ll be rather larger than the chicken-egg sized ones they’ve been laying. She can’t do them normally except within 24 hours after the egg is laid though, or the next egg will definitely be fertilized and take much longer to come out, and be a lot larger when it does.
Babs shrugs, says she likes buttsex well enough, and goes to her knees, taunting Scootaloo by opening her mouth wide and hanging her tongue. Scootaloo can’t resist and, at Babs’ prompting, is soon fucking her face. After Scootaloo blows down Babs’ throat, she finds Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle naked and fingering each-other. They join tongues and share Scoots’ load, licking it off each-others bodies. Scoots turns around and finds Babs has gotten a revived Rainbow Dash up on her knees and is tongueing her ass again. Once Babs notices Scootaloo looking, she pulls back, says she got it ready for her, and smack’s Rainbow Dash on the ass while holding up her tail.
Scootaloo begins to think she won’t leave the temple alive.
They do, eventually, get done and leave the temple, however. Daring’s a bit miffed that Scootaloo can’t cure the curse and that the ‘cure’ comes with a serious dose of lusting after the little pegasus, but it’s better than being an egg-balloon, so she accepts. Twilight claims the idol for now, with at least a dozen magical safeguards, to study it and assess if there are any other dangers, while Scootaloo enjoys her new harem. Who, as it turns out, are all pretty okay with buttsex and love the taste too. AJ and Rarity are a bit miffed, naturally, but Dash takes full responsibility, having begged Scootaloo to go in the first place. Since Twilight’s working on removing the curse entirely, and Scootaloo’s promised not to get her friends preggers, everything settles down. Until Dash lets Scoots fertilize her anyways.
And then, of course, there’s the rumor mill that leads to DT and SS being annoyed at the Dodo in the spotlight. Rumor being that her power comes from the idol. Which they then decide to steal. Bad idea girls. Bad idea.
Notes: While they’re all okay with buttsex, Scoots’ mares all have thier own peculiar tastes. Rainbow, of course, is the real anal addict. Apple Bloom can get off on buttsex, but put one in the front too and she goes nuts. Sweetie Belle can somehow actually get off just from giving a blowjob, and spitroast her? Wildcat. Babs is… different. She likes to tie Scootaloo up and tease her and tease her and tease her until she’s nice and blue-balled and then leave. Scoots usually gets angry enough to break the ropes and track Babs down before fucking the shit out of her. It’s uncertain whether Babs has a fetish for teasing, psuedo-rape, or just likes really hard angry sex. Regardless, Babs is the one always introducing the others to new kinks, and can often be caught walking about with a buttplug. She also shows unholy glee for plugging colts with strapons once Scootaloo catches a trap.
Epilogue/Extra part etc: Lightning Dash, Vice-Captain of the Wonderbolts, wasn’t ready to take over for Captain Dash when her Maternity Leave came around, but Dash had her filling in her various tasks a little at a time to get a feel for each so she would be. Which was why she was overseeing the latest batch of Academy recruits. And how she met Dash’s number one fan… Scootaloo. And her uniform problem.

The Wonderbolts’ skintight suits had male and female variants, each enchanted not to show any questionable anatomy for the respective gender. No need for boners and stiff nipples at a show with kids in the stands and all that. Scootaloo… well, it was either the nipples or that huge fucking cock stretching the material, so she got one with neither enchantment and let it all hang out. One with both was eventually provided, but as long as it was just going to be Wonderbolts around, she didn’t bother, as there weren’t any rules saying you had to wear the enchanted ones in private Wonderbolts duties such as training. A few of the stallions tried this and then stopped when they realized how outclassed they were.
Except Featherweight, and Lightning Dust thought he was starting to grow breasts, probably due to his Wing Pony. While he gave orders and Scootaloo followed them well enough in training, she was pretty sure the effeminate colt was bottoming in the bunks and taking estrogen at his Wing Pony’s command.
Lightning Dust was more than a little tempted to go after the little Pegasus herself. But after peeking on her banging the boss into a squirmy whining mess over her desk in the Captain’s office, Dust was pretty sure Scootaloo would pin her down and make her beg for it. And Lightning Dust was nopony’s bitch!
…Okay, total honestly time, she was juicing herself enough to be glad the uniform was waterproof at the very thought of Scootaloo pinning her to the runway in front of the other cadets and spanking and fucking her into submission.
Errata: Scootaloo still can’t hardly get any lift from her wings, but is going to be part of a new, experimental program in the Wonderbolts. A team more effective at ground combat than air, headed by the skater’s unbeatable Dodo reflexes. Eventually, Captain Dash will get the idea for a show of their own to pay for the program, much like the Wonderbolts pay for themselves with air shows. The name of the show?
Equestrian Gladiators!
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