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Lieutenant Bean
Artist -

Name - Ivory Lace  
Species - Pony (Pegasus)  
Outer Appearance- Light blue tinted wings, Blonde mane, Light blue eyes, dark blue fur and a cutie mark of a blue pin.  
Personality - Easily frightened. She is always reading and rarely speaks to anyone. Barely any others speak to her and she prefers it that way. She doesnt mind talking with others, but she gets really shy when asked questions about her family. Other than reading, she knits and sews as well, hence her cutie mark. Her book shop was closed down due to depressing things happening to her. She spends a load of time in her garden, humming, singing, reading, speaking with animals, whistling, knitting, sewing or playing instruments. She has played at concerts before, but now she never does. All because of one person saying “Booooooo!” as a joke.

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And Brother I Hurt People
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Looks like the Fanfiction forum’s been deprived of actual fanfiction for a while. Let’s try to change that, shall we? We need to get writing.
The game itself is designed to make you write and get comfortable with creating character profiles, the essentials of putting together a workable fic. It’s a little more in-depth than other forum games, but hey, it’s the Fanfiction forum we’re talking about. The game needs two people to work.
  1. Create a character. Any type of character. Pony, nymph, eldritch horror, whatever. Write a basic outline of them - should consist of the essentials like name, species, personality, outer appearance, and whatever else you think is relevant to them. After you are done, spoiler the entire outline. You cannot look at anyone’s spoilers until the next step.
  2. You will unspoiler the next post with a reference sheet above you - for the first person to try this game out, that would be me. If this post gets somewhat popular, I’ll change this step to choosing a random spoilered post, but for the moment, let’s just leave this at that. Read the description, and get acquainted with it. Whatever the character is underneath, no matter what, you’re going to be writing something that ships this character with the one you just wrote about. It doesn’t have to be anything special, hell, it could just be a paragraph or haiku if you’re really at a loss. Just as long as you write something that puts these two together.
  3. Post your work (or a link to it) on this post, making sure that you include the username of the person whose character you’ve written about. Perhaps you can even make another character, and keep the chain strong.
    Seeing how dead this forum is, I don’t know - or really even think - that this thread will go anywhere. But hey, it could be a bunch of fun if at least a few people got involved.
    I’ll just leave this here.
    Name - Cross Stitch  
    Species - Pony (Unicorn)  
    Outer Appearance - Red and white mane, dull blue eyes, cutie mark of a needle sticking through a tic-tac-toe board, cloven black hooves  
    Personality - Easily angered and has a temper unmatched by any mortal. It seems ironic, considering the delicacy and simpleness of her embroidery art, which she sells (somewhat unsuccessfully, due to her hatred of hagglers and tourists alike) at the Ponyville market. She doesn’t really have an “inside voice”, even when going about her home or talking to herself, and as a result the bird house outside of her quaint Quilt and Thread shop has remained vacant for years now. It’s not that she isn’t necessarily friendly. She just doesn’t get other ponies.

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