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Shiny Bug
First, the Legendary Soldier glared at the pony lecturing him about his health. The end of his electronic cigar lit and he inhaled the fumes, then blew out a puff of smoke. He turned his attention towards Twilight and Whistler. “You have made a name for yourself, Princess, by defeating enemies of your nation. That puts a target on your back. I’ve been watching you for two weeks now. An unseen bodyguard, you could say.”
Then, to Matias and the Girls. “I respect any soldier committed to their duty. The tykes have a unique power of their own, but don’t have much wisdom yet. That will come in time.”
He tilted his head down. “…I’ve gone by a few names, myself, but you can call me… Big Boss.”

Meetra hummed. There was this… Feeling. A distracting one, like something was coming, but for now she pushed it aside. It had nothing to do with the matter at hand. “Cheap tricks won’t work on me.” Meetra said. “But at least we got enough information for now.”

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(As if Professor Utonium wants to rule the universe :P)
Cirrena: Chuckles “Heh, I’d say that’s better than when I first ended up here” Smiles “Castle sounds good to me. Lead the way”

Matias: I startled in shock when I heard a sudden french speaking pony started decloaking and talking
Jeez, give me a heart attack next time why don’t you?I let everyone else finish speaking and turned to the pony with the metal tube in their mouth “You say ‘capable soldiers’? I’d say they’re VERY dependable. They assisted us back in the forest when we were getting attacked by Timberwolves…well, all the stray ones that got past those three” I turned and pointed to the Powerpuffs as Buttercup spoke pridefully
Buttercup: “Heh! Ah yeah, good times chopping up wood”
Blossom: “They didn’t really give us much choice in the matter”
Bubbles: “I wouldn’t be surprised if that mean ol’ HIM had something to do with their anger”
Matias: I turned back to the pony with a metal tube “So what’s your name…and how long have you been following us?”

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OOC: True but I just wanted to clarify why Stranaii’s acting the way he is in that last post. It’s also why he didn’t show off his abilities until now.

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OOC: Idea behind Gerald’s backstory, for this particular part of the plot, is that he’s slightly ‘big-headed’ on knowledge due to him coming from a world where stuff he knows about are fictional. He thinks he’s knows all about NOD’s shtick due to previous knowledge from the franchise he played when he was younger and now it’s proceeding to bite him in the arse with Bloodrose criticizing him :P

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Gerald got annoyed by Bloodrose being so scornful of his knowledge
Gerald: “Guideline my arse…if anything, my knowledge is leaving us more prepared for these situations!”
Stranaii: “And I am afraid this is not a situation you can walk away from. Your plans unraveled, your explosives disarmed. It was fortunate that we mind-linked you at this moment since you no doubt would plan on suicide once you regained consciousness”
He raised his hand as it was charging energy
Gerald: “Stranaii, what the hell ar-”
Stranaii: “I simply find you too useful, Bloodrose, to see your end via a cowards method. The skills of an agent, like yourself, is too much of a waste…”
Stranaii’s hand slammed the ground, violently shaking the room around them and causing cracks in the murals. Gerald was knocked to the ground as a result
Stranaii: “…and you will soon see the power of my will

Before the Deltas could answer Meetras question, they heard a voice coming from behind them. They all turned to see, through the shield, that Bloodrose was talking to them; giving them a symbolic saying…along with a warning about the Star Emperor currently linked to her
Night Hunter (Boss): “I thought she was unconscious, how the hell is she talking?!”
Thunder Force (Scorch): “Well, at least it can’t get worse”
Suddenly, the shield surrounding Bloodrose and Gerald/Stranaii turned red and orange
Fang Hunter (Sev): “Do you always have to jinx these things, Scorch?”
Stranaiis eyes opened as he proceeds to talk
Stranaii: “Do not let the words of this vile follower of the Brotherhood deceive you! She knows she has lost so she simply wants to sow the seeds of dissent within us all”

Shelly turns to Vigil
Shelly: “I mean, with all chaotic things that’s been going on lately, it does feel like only a small part of time has just passed”
Shelly turns to Cirrena
Shelly: “Confidential news? Sure, we can find a quiet place. The Princess’ castle seems like a good place to hold up for private meetings as of late. Heck, its the place where I was found by her and Vigil here…heh, when I was hiding in a panic first time arriving in this world”

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loves a Demon
“What i overheard there was already more than i should have, we are right now proving why i am not actually informed more but you Gerald… this mind link is a two way street and i thought your friend with the wheelbrace legs already clarified, the lore of the games you used to play is at most a guideline.”
she turns away again, their surroundings returning to the cold insides of a temple.
“leave, or don’t, you have every answer i am able to give.”
inside the sheild the eyes of the commando open.
“you know? i do have one more thing to say, the difference between living beings and robots, the former always become individual, and most of them time, grow beyond the purpose, but you needn’t listen to me i guess. what you should listen to is wether or not this here star emperor is as bad as the one you left behind.”
Vigil: “the problems are usually more spread out… but the evacuation has been a complete success so there’s that.”

Whistler: “not about him specifically, just the nebulous statement that an expert was keeping an eye on princess twilight. and lest we forget i have a stealth specialist on the payroll too.”
Spy: “naturally, though i must say for using no directly stealth related technology his ability to blend in is quite superior.”

Whistler: “she is only the third most powerful being in this country, and a fair bit more laxly guarded than the others, a driving power behind the modernization of Equestria, and THE one most powerful Magic expert altogether.”
Twilight: “Y-your’re overselling me commander… Equestria can weather my loss the easiest out of all the princesses, measures to make sure of it have been taken.”
“there’S also the symbolism, you stand for what an equestrian can achieve, and as i hear NOD is very fond of symbolic targets.”

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Torn Emotionally… 😣
Empire, who wondered into another room to conspire a way he could be a valuable asset but ended up zoning out (because that’s my level of laziness to now look through a week of rp, but only this time), came back to where everyone else was.
“As well she should. At least, that’s what I think. But going off topic, I really don’t think you should be smoking. It’s not very good for your lungs or the rest of your body.”
(I think this is bland but idk what to say, I think I should get back into the flow once I get going again)

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Shiny Bug
“I’m not asking for your permission.” Meetra said. “But what I will let you know is that I am not like other Sith you’ve met. You serve Equestria now, do you not? I intend to protect this nation as well, but on my own terms.”

Snake walked towards the balcony window, pressing against the wall and blowing out some smoke from his e-cigar. “If they’re as determined as they seem, they will not stop trying to kill her.”
“Why do they want her dead?” Plant Man asked.
Snake’s e-cigar lit once again, and he blew out more smoke. “Don’t know. If General couldn’t stop the explosives, I would have gotten Twilight out of the building before they blew.” He turned his head towards them. “Seems you got some capable soldiers of your own, Princess.”

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Cirrena: “I do wish to tell you about that but somewhere more private, not out here in the open. You never know who may be listening?” Looks to portal behind them “Were you heading back down to where Ponyville was? I’ve been concerned about the citizens down there since those battles from an hour ago. Giant silver skinned bipeds (Dynamo), mystical red demons (HIM), is there anything that won’t go wrong with the poor residents of Ponyville?”

Matias: “A target? What does he mean by that?”
Bubbles: “Does he mean the other intruder in the castle was going for her?”
Buttercup: “Well he’s slow on the news, that other creep’s been taken care of”
Blossom: “It was fortunate Texty and Plant Man were here for these two instances”
Matias: “Agreed” I hear what Princess Twilight’s saying and recall Whistlers’ previous dialogue “Wait…you two know about him?
PPGs: “HUH!?”
Utonium: Looks confused “Is there something to this fellow that we don’t know about?”

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Stranaii: “Fascinating…”
Gerald: “Yeah, it’s fascinating alright to hear ones leader living in delusions like he is. Justifying his use of murder and slaughter just to get off-world with his favorite subjects”
Stranaii: “More importantly, these ‘scrin’”
Gerald: “Aliens from another world. The ones who attacked during the third war were just a harvesting group inadvertently summoned by a premature Liquid Tiberium detonation, orchestrated by Kane so he could capture one of the towers for ascension. Had it been a full fledged assault force that was sent by the Scrin, it would’ve been goodnight vienna for the Earth…”
Stranaii: “Just like the Shamnet when they invaded my empire”
Gerald soon had another thought come to his mind…well his mental avatars’ mind in this case
Gerald: “And if Kane thinks the only thing to worry about is the Scrin, that’s a laugh in of itself. We shouldn’t be here, none of us were meant to!”
Stranaii: “Hm?”
Gerald: “Something or someone has caused dimensional cracks within the fabric of reality, creating whatever strange means of a type of non-consensual transport. Furthermore, why this Equestria? If everything being sent by ‘the light’ is getting funneled into this one universe, why this one in particular?”
Stranaii: “This world’s raw magical energy perhaps?”
Gerald: “Possible but there’s got to be more to it than that”
Stranaii: “More importantly, if all universes are affected by this dimensional funnel…”
Gerald: “…then I don’t think its just the Scrin we’ll have to worry about”
Gerald turns to Bloodrose
Gerald: “Your organisation might be prepared for quite a few things but will it be prepared for a possible war with beings far beyond your imagination, let alone fighting capability?”

The Deltas look to each other again when Meetra mentions an ‘Empire’ and ‘Army’
Thunder Force (Scorch): “That’s…not concerning at all”
Fang Hunter (Sev): “Scorch, were we any different when we were bred for war against the Separatists?”
Rapid Haste (Fixer): “Lets not forget that we found out in an hour, after we arrived in this world, that the Republic we fought for was nothing but a sham”
Night Hunter (Boss): “And the case of our true purpose…”

Shelly: “Well, he’s not a true inkling. Long story but he’s a human turned pony turned inkling pony hybrid, via a spell from a Princess”
Shelly then took note of what Cirrena said
Shelly: “A year…you’ve been living in this new world for over a year? What happened?”

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Solar Guardian - Refused to surrender in the face of the Lunar rebellion and showed utmost loyalty to the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).
Crystal Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.

Torn Emotionally… 😣
(Can we say he left the room and accidentally fell asleep or something like that? IDK I’m taking the lazy way around.)

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