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So I posted a forum like this before we had a Fanfiction Section.
I decided to try again. I created a writing challenge based on the image above. The challenge is to create a MLP fanfic written as if intended to be a film with an R rating. It can be Comedy,Drama,Action,thriller,or mock documentary. This thread is open to linking to the stories and questions.  
  1. The story’s content has to match an R rated film. It can not be more explicit than that
  2. While it does not have to be in a screenplay (though highly encouraged) format the story should be able to make a feature length film.
  3. It has to be a story that applies to the current MLP: FiM canon. So that means no HiE (especially humans from our reality) and OC can’t have otherworldly appearance or abilities. Equestria Girls characters is allowed.
  4. No matter how minor or major Twilight Sparkle has to be in it with a speaking role. Same with Rainbow Dash or Applejack.
  5. of course ‘Fall’ as to be in the title
    Whether this will be a collection or a collaboration is up to you.

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